One Teacher’s Experienced In 1991

Joyce Policie

A report comes from a public school teacher where “Site-Based Decision Making” is being used. The teacher defines it as a “sneaky attempt to achieve socialism through evolution, rather than revolution.”

To quote the teacher exactly on one point: “I just learned this week as I submitted my report card scan sheets to the office, that some of the grades I carefully calculated, would have to be changed, because in _________ County it is now against administrative policy to give a grade below C (or an S) in Reading. It is also no longer allowable to mark a student ‘below level’ in Reading, even if they can’t read and don’t participate 90% of the time! I’m not making this up! My administrator erased and changed my reading grades and other teachers’ as well. I was mildly irritated and so were a few other teachers. The principal called the county office to make sure she understood the new policy. ‘Yes,’ she was told, ‘Nothing below a C
(or S) and no marking students ‘below level.’

“I was told I could indicate on report cards: ‘This child is working at his level.’ I asked my assistant principal: ‘Does this mean that for 5,000 students there are 5,000 levels and no more standards for what the grade level truly is?’ She replied, ‘Yes.’

“She proceeded to say that policy from (the county) states that if a student can’t read and refuses to work consistently, you take him aside for a one-to-one session. If at any time during a six week marking period, even one time, the student makes eye contact with the teacher and responds positively to direct, one-to-one instruction, it’s an automatic C or S (Satisfactory)!

“This sounds incredible, but it’s the honest to God truth! All of our schools will soon participate in this new policy. Mine is now.”

PARENTS, it’s part time to wake up! This is an example of “new education” at a time when most people understand the necessity of improving achievement for students. People have been led to believe that the new programs will remedy these ills.

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