Open Letter From Nona Freeman

Open Letter From Nona Freeman

Dear Friend,
I have something incredible to tell you. I was called to the platform to greet the ladies attending a ladies conference in Lufkin, Texas. I saw an exhilarating sight: three thousand ladies operating in the Holy Ghost-jumping, dancing, running, swaying-with the joy of Jesus on each face. It was such a beautiful sight!

Suddenly, I heard a voice (that I know well). He said: “The church has operated in the exuberance of the Holy Ghost for almost a century. It is now time for it to move into the power dimension.” Space does not allow me to share all that the Lord spoke to me, but when He finished, I felt dazed.

Following that conference, I was scheduled to speak at three services in a small Illinois town. While I was there, God healed a man whose back was covered with tumors, healed three people of diabetes, and performed several other remarkable miracles. The Lord got my attention. At the Louisiana camp meeting, T.F. Tenney held the microphone to my mouth and asked, “What does the Spirit say to the church?” I answered with what the Lord had told me. A young evangelist and his wife there believed it and has since told me that the Lord has moved mightily in their services to heal and deliver.

In May, my grandson, Tom, came to visit me. He stumbled into my house and told me, “For eighteen months I have lived with intense burning pain in every bone in my body. The doctor said that I have rheumatoid and osteo arthritis and am headed for a wheelchair and an invalid’s bed.” Tom is a young preacher. While he told his sad tale, I felt Holy Ghost rivers flowing all around me (John 7:37-38) that lifted me out of my chair. I found myself praying for Tom in that all-powerful name of Jesus. He was instantly healed and is still in good health! He preached for my dear friend, Brother McGaha, that Sunday night. I rejoiced as Tom walked without pain.

Brother Gandy invited me for a weekend of services in Tyler, Texas, and had me pray for everybody after I preached on that Sunday night. A visitor pushed his little son up in an improvised stroller. Cancer was robbing him of his life. He looked about eight years old (his father said he was twelve). He had on a hard plastic shirt to protect his little wasted body and looked so glum and sad that I feared he might die before they left the church. Things started happening. His aunt (who was visiting a Pentecostal church for the first time) got the Holy Ghost! The young man asked his dad to bring him back up to the front; he wanted to hug the lady who prayed for him. He gave me the most angelic smile as I hugged him.

The next week, Sister Gandy sent me a message. The
young man’s parents had taken him for a routine visit
to his doctor. The doctor reported that the large
growth was gone, the smaller cancers were shrinking,
and his bone marrow had started growing again. Several
weeks later, three different people reported that he had been running all over the place at a party. Hallelujah!

In all the sixty-six years that I have preached the gospel, or in all my eighty-nine years that I have lived, I have never been more excited about Jesus. Someone may be skeptical and say, “Why would God speak to an old dry stick of a person?” I have wondered that too. But I am surely enjoying serving Him!

Much love,

This letter is posted on the UPCI website as well for verification. Surely in this last day the church will rise up and do its job and flow in the Spirit of Truth!