Organizing Your Men’s Ministry

Organizing Your Men’s Ministry
Mark Abernathy

This is offered as an example of how your church Men’s Ministry can be organized. Organizational structure should be kept as simple as possible. Note that the emphasis is on developing leadership around ministry, not traditional leadership positions (i.e. president, vice-president, etc.).

Men’s Director (Brotherhood Director) is responsible for overseeing the entire ministry to men and boys in the church, including Men’s Ministries, Challengers and Royal Ambassadors. In many cases (but not always), he may also serve as the Men’s Ministry director. The Men’s director should represent the entire Men’s program on the Church Council, as well as the church Missions Council. He should work with the pastor and church WMU director in planning, promoting, and carrying out missions opportunities for the church family to be involved in.

Men’s Ministry Director is responsible for Men’s Ministries in the church. Areas of concern include Spiritual Growth, Evangelism/Outreach and Missions/Ministry. Effective Men’s Ministry directors will develop a team of leaders to take the lead in these areas. He may feel led to take the lead on one of these ministry areas himself, as well as maintaining an overall coordinator’s role.

Men’s Ministry Outreach/Evangelism Coordinator is first and foremost concerned with evangelizing men to salvation and church membership. This may include the following aspects: 1) helping assure that the men’s ministry purpose is understood by all participants, 2) equipping men to effectively share their testimony and to be prepared to present the plan of salvation, and 3) coordinating outreach/fellowship events designed to involve inactive men of the church, as well as other men in the community. (Some groups may elect to make this two different leadership positions, Evangelism leader and Outreach leader).

Men�s Ministry Spiritual Growth Coordinator focuses on the desire to see men of the church develop into mature and faithful Christians. Some areas of concern may include the formation of small group ministry among the men, planning and carrying out a men’s spiritual retreat and assuring that a spiritual growth emphasis is the focus of monthly/ quarterly men’s ministry meetings.

Men’s Ministry Missions/Ministry Coordinator is responsible for involving men in missions and ministry by utilizing their spiritual gifts. He would work to identify mission needs, plan details and promotion and carry out mission activities. He should also help men identify ways that they can use their gifts to serve within the overall ministry of the church (i.e.: Sunday School teacher, discipleship leader, assist in youth ministry, work with the Royal Ambassador group, etc.) (Again, some groups may elect to make this two different leadership positions, one to lead in spiritual gifts identification/church ministry and the other to work primarily with missions involvement.)

The above article, “Organizing Your Men’s Ministry” was written by Mark Abernathy. The article was excerpted from Sept 2017.

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