P.U.S.H.: “Pray Until Something Happens:”

P.U.S.H.: “Pray Until Something Happens:”
Randy Langley


The slogan “PUSH” has been around for quite a number of  years. My first encounter with it was when I came to the  Klamath Falls UPC. There it was in big bold letters on  the front wall of the church. I must confess at that  time fifteen years ago I did not know what it meant and  had to ask. Since then I have seen it elsewhere on  several occasions. It’s still a good slogan to live by.

A few years back, when Rev. Lee J. Munsey was  evangelizing in our District, I wrote down a statement I
heard him make either at our Family Camp or in my local  church. I’ve kept that statement in my Bible all these  years. This is what he said, “Prayer is an area we are  weak in.” My natural inclination was to dismiss such  thinking and yet I wrote it down and have looked at it  more and more as the years pass and we get closer to the  Lord’s soon coming. It appears to be truer than ever  now!

I have heard our District Superintendent say on several  occasions over the years during his preaching and
teaching and I quote, “Every failure is a Prayer  failure.” Concerning the children of God, this is  especially true. Jesus declared to his disciples “That  men ought always to pray and not to faint.” (Luke 18:1)
Weakness in the natural man can be a cause for fainting  in the natural. Weakness in the area of praying can  cause fainting in the spiritual sense, which leads to a  lack of discernment. Ron Auch in his book “Pentecostals  in Crisis” refers to Jesus’ visit to the temple in Mark  11:11-17. His visit there at evening and then his  subsequent visit the following day, resulted in his  casting out them that bought and sold in the temple.  This caused him to say, “Is it not written, my house  shall be called of all nations the house of prayer? But  ye have made it a den of thieves.”

It is quite obvious here that Jesus wants us to know  that prayer must be preeminent, most important; first
and foremost. In the house of God it should stand out  above all things. If prayer is not first and foremost,  we lose our discernment and can no longer call sin  “sin.” Jesus was saying when those in his house don’t
pray, they will rob God. His house becomes a den of  thieves. Nobody noticed that the money changers had
become thieves. They had lost their discernment, because  they were not praying! Jesus said, “My house shall be  called the House of Prayer.”

If there ever was a day the church needs to PUSH, as  never before, it’s now. So let’s keep on pushing,
pushing and pushing until something happens and until He comes!

The above article, “P.U.S.H.: Pray Until Something  Happens” is written by Randy Langley. The article was
excerpted from pg 3 of Apostolic Accent March 2010

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