Parent Handbook: Christian Pre-School.


Parents Handbook for

Christian Pre-school
19741 Hathaway Ave.
Hayward, California 94541
(415)275-8809 or (415) 276-3726



Welcome to TENDER LOVING CARE Christian Pre-School. We hope that we can serve you well and that we can become good friends. At Tender Loving Care, we realize that every child is an individual with unique abilities, needs, desires and emotions. Our program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child and to provide them with enriching experience. We are striving to develop and reinforce a positive self-image in the children. Within a supervised atmosphere we assist each child in relations to others, as well as developing self-confidence and self-control. Your child will be given the opportunity to expand their creative abilities and intellectual curiosity. Quite simply we will give your child the best we have to offer!


1. The first step is a personal interview with the parent or guardian and the child. Here we will explain to you just what T.L.C. has to offer.

2. Second, fill out all pre-enrollment forms and read the Parents Handbook.

3. Next, have your physician examine your child and fill out pre-admission health forms. Each child should be in good physical and emotional health.

4. The State requires that each child be immunized against; Whooping cough, diptheria, tetanus, measles, polo series, and have a turberculosis test.

5. Finally, submit all application forms and completed health forms to the pre-school director for review. A $10.00 registration fee is requested. You will be contacted upon approval.


TENDER LOVING CARE pre-school is open to all pre-school age children in the community. Children must be two years-six months old by the day of entry and under six years of age. All children must be potty-trained. A child that is not potty-trained cannot be accepted, although accidents are permitted.

Children that are physically handicapped or emotionally disturbed will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. If the child’s handicap has no adverse affect upon the other children or staff and if T.L.C. can meet
the child’s needs acceptance will generally be considered.

TENDER LOVING CARE pre-school is operated on a non-discriminatory basis. No one will be excluded from enrollment because of race, color, religious preference, or national origin.


TENDER LOVING CARE pre-school is open from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, all year except holidays.


The pre-school will be closed the following holidays:

New Year’s Day
Washington’s Birthday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Tuition is the same for weeks and months with holidays. Holidays are subject to change. Any additional holidays or half-days will be announced at least one month in advance.


All children coming to school must be brought into the classroom by a responsible adult who may not leave until the child has been received by the teacher. Please sign the sign-in sheet before you leave.

Your child may not leave the classroom or school premises until they have been released to a responsible adult by the teacher. A sign-out sheet must be signed before the child can leave.

Your child will be released only to those whom you authorize in writing on the pre-registration form. There can be no exceptions to this rule. If an emergency occurs in which you are unable to pick up your child,
and wish to send someone who is not on the authorization list, you must first call, then send a signed note with the individual.

If separated or divorced, the state requires us to have a court order if you wish to restrain the other parent from picking up your child. Otherwise, either parent may pick up the child.


If your child has an allergy or is recovering from an illness (and no longer is contagious) and still requires medication, it may be given if:

1. It is brought to school in the bottle from the pharmacist clearly marked with the child’s name, doctor’s name and directions.

2. In addition a note must be signed by the parent giving the school permission to administer the medication and stating the dose and time to be given. Printed forms are available for you to fill out.

3. Non-prescription drugs may be administered with the written request of parents or guardians, but the director of T.L.C. reserves the right to refuse to administer non-prescription drugs.

4. The school reserves the right to exclude children from attendance if the child appears to be ill or over-fatigued or immature for the daily program.

Health regulations require that you notify the school immediately of any contagious diseases or serious illness in the family. Daily inspection of the children will be made by the head teacher in the presence of the parent. Parents will be notified if a child has been exposed to a communicable disease.

Please for the health of your child and others, DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL WHEN THEY ARE ILL.


While accidents are rare at our center, we have a procedure that we follow:

1. We immediately notify the parent, if we are unable to reach you, the family doctor is called.

2. Failing to reach either, we take the child to the nearest hospital and continue our attempts to contact you.

All parents are required to sign a form that gives us permission to follow the above procedure. We can not impress too strongly the importance of making sure that you keep us informed of all changes in addresses and phone numbers.


A regular rest time is allotted each day for an afternoon of rest. Please bring a small blanket to school for rest period and this blanket is to be taken home each Friday to be washed and returned on Monday.


T.L.C. provides two snacks each day: at 9:30 am and 3:30 pm. Each child is to bring a sack lunch. Milk can be purchased at the school.


Discipline is never physically or emotionally damaging. Our staff is trained to redirect children. When thought and action are redirected into positive channels discipline becomes an extremely valuable
learning experience.


We encourage children to participate in a wide variety of exciting activities indoors and out. Please dress your child in suitable playclothes, clothes which are washable, roomy to allow freedom of movement and easy for the child to handle are best. We ask each child to have an extra change of clothes to be kept at the school in case of an accident.

Because a part of each day is spent on the playground it’s important that your child’s outer clothing be appropriate for the weather. When cold weather dictates, your child should have a hat, scarf and mittens
with attached strings. PLEASE LABEL ALL CLOTHING (underwear, sweaters, jackets, pants, etc.)


Parents are encouraged to visit our school at any time. Please call the school and arrange the time with the director, so that a staff member can plan to spend some free time with you at the time of your arrival.

We have two evaluations/conferences each year.


We ask that your child not bring toys from home. The school will not be responsible for such items. Favorite books, records, and non-destructive toys, bugs in plastic containers, and similar objects of interest may be brought for show-and-tell time. Your teacher will advise as to the day and time of show-and-tell.


We will do our best to keep all parents informed of the latest developments and announcements relative to the school. Periodic notices will be sent home with each child. We request that parents read all news letters that are sent home.


Birthdays are a wonderful time that are enjoyed by all children. Birthdays may be observed with a simple refreshments. Please make arrangements with the teacher in advance. Please do not include balloons or favors. Cup cakes are the most convenient.


Tender Loving Care Christian Pre-School is owned and operated by Revival Tabernacle of Hayward. As part of our program we include approximately 30 mins. of non-demoninational Bible stories, music, and share time every Friday morning. We also say a simple blessing before snacks and lunch time during the week. No other religious training is included in the program. Sunday School is available free for all children each Sunday at 10 am. All are welcome at this time.


Under extreme circumstances, it may be necessary to terminate enrollment for a child. This would only occur after existing problems with the child has been first discussed by the head teacher and parents, and
then by the director and family. Then after all possible alternatives have been exhausted termination might be requested.


We request that the director be given two weeks notice, in writing, of your intention to withdraw your child from our school. Two weeks tuition will be necessary in lieu of two weeks notice.


7:00 Center opens
7:00-8:30 Greet children, quiet indoor activities
8:30-9:00 Group interaction, songs and music
9:00-9:30 Class time (language development, visual perception)
9:30-9:45 Snack time
9:45-10:30 Activity time (arts and crafts, painting, etc.)
10:30-l1:00 Outdoor activities (motor skill development, games)
11:00-11:45 Group time (Show-and-tell, finger plays, storytime,etc.)
11:45-12:00 Wash-up, bathroom
12:00-12:30 Lunch – Children will bring their own
12:30-1:00 Outdoor free time
1:00-1:00 Bathroom and nap preparation
1:15-3:15 Nap time
3:15-3:30 Wake-up time and bathroom
3:30-4:30 Snack time and Outdoor free time
4:30-6:00 Free choice of indoor activity puzzles, coloring, etc.)
6:00 Center closes































19741 Hathaway Ave.
Hayward, Calif. 94541


last first int.

City Zip



Student is living with: Mother_______ Father________ Both _______

If student has attended another pre-school/day-care, give name_____________

Will student be attending full days or half days?__________________________

Will student be attending Mon.-Fri.?__________If not, what days? __________

How did you learn about our school? _______________________________________


I _________________________________________ hereby give my consent to the
TENDER LOVING CARE Christian Pre-School to call a physician for medical or surgical care for my child named __________________________________ should an emergency arise where such service is required. It is understood that every effort will be taken to notify both parents before such action is
taken. However, if it is impossible to locate me or my spouse (or next of kin), the expense of this service will be accepted by me.

Signed _______________________________________________________

Date _________________________________________________________


___________ I hereby give permission to TENDER LOVING CARE to give my child ________ children’s aspirin to reduce fever.dosage


___________ I do not give such permission.


Signed __________________________________________________

Date ____________________________________________________


_____________________________________________ has my permission to attend any activities on or off the T.L.C. grounds. Parents will be notified of date, place and time of activity. I understand that insurance coverage for such activities is covered by the registration fee.

Parent’s Signature


























1. All children must have a change of clothing at the school. This should be brought in a shoe box on his or her first day.

2. All nursery and pre-kindergarten children, and primary children who nap, must have their own blanket which will be regularly laundered by the school. We will provide the necessary sheet.

3. No child is to wear thongs or clogs at school. Open-toed sandals are allowed if your child also wears socks.

4. Jackets and sweaters should be labeled with your child’s name in order to prevent loss. Sometimes these items of clothing look very similar and can be taken home by another child in error.

5. Children must be escorted into the building by the parent or adult bringing them to school. No child must be allowed to walk from the gate by himself\herself.

6. A breakfast item may be brought to school for your child only prior to 8:00 a.m.

7. No gum, small objects (such as money, marbles, balloons, etc.) or the wearing of necklaces or dangly earrings will be allowed.

8. Children may bring toys only for Show and Tell on Fridays.

9. All health, emergency, permission slip and tuition policy forms must be on file at the school and kept current. It is vital that we be able to get in touch with a parent or guardian without delay in case of an

10. Changes in family life that might affect the child should be reported to his/her teacher.

11. A drop notice is required to be filled out when withdrawing your child from school. Two weeks tuition will be necessary in lieu of two weeks notice.

12. No physical form of discipline by a parent will be allowed on school property. We acknowledge the various methods a parent may choose in disciplining his or her own child, but a parent may be mistaken for a staff member and the school’s philosophy does not allow for spanking, shaking, grabbing, etc., of a child.

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