Parent-Teacher Orientation Handout


By: Pastor Morton


Pastor Morton has outlined some thoughts and ideas that he feels you  as concerned parents should know about private education and our school. Many of these thoughts were taken from the book, “What Every
Parent Should Know About Christian Education.” by Thomas L. Smith.

As parents we are given the responsibility under God to see that our children receive the proper education to prepare them for this life and the life to come.

American public schools have largely failed in actual academic education, the moral standards are shockingly low, the discipline is usually an utter failure.

Max Rafferty, former Superintendent of schools of California, on the front of his book entitled Classroom Countdown, states, “Progressive education has produced people who can riot but cannot read.”

Children do not belong to the state. They do not belong to educators,  either. They belong to parents. God said that parents were to “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” as found in Proverbs 22:6. Again in the Old Testament God commanded that parents teach diligently the commandments to their children (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).

Truth Tabernacle Christian School is an extension of the home. It exists to help parents train their  children. Christian education allows parents the opportunity to choose the kind of education they desire for their child. Our school works in two ways. First, it reinforces the teachings of the home. Patriotism, respect for authority, hard work, love for God, discipline, and other principles that are taught in the home are re-emphasized in the private school.  Second, many public school activities involve dancing, rock music, etc.; whereas, the Christian School provides wholesome activities.

The Private school teaches respect for authority. If a child does not learn to respect the authority that he has seen, how then can he respect God, whom he has not seen? The Private school teaches God’s chain of command. Authority and discipline go together; therefore, the Private school exercises Christian discipline, producing students who respect parents, leaders, teachers, the police, etc.

The Private school emphasizes patriotism and responsibility. In a day when the American flag is scorned and draft cards are burned, this school will teach loyalty and love of country. Students learn the elements that made our country great. Patriotism, responsibility, and hard work go together!



Many parents show no interest in their child’s progress in school until the child brings home an “F” on his report card. Then they are concerned. The next day you find them in the principal’s office complaining that the school has not been doing its job. If the school had, they reason, then they would have known sooner that the child was failing and could have helped. In reality the case is just the opposite. Parents are urged to check over their child’s homework each night. Phone calls and conferences are made. Yet, many times, the
parents pass it off or they seem to overlook it and state that they are too busy at that moment. But when the report card comes home. Pow! The fireworks begin!

Parents, make it a habit each day to take a few moments to sit down with your child and discuss with him the events of that particular school day. Check his homework. Look at his test papers. See if he understands the material. In doing this, your child will know of your love, concern, and interest in him. He will work harder because of it.

Encourage your child to succeed. Let it be known that you desire and expect progress from him. Teach importance of accomplishing something each day. Stress the importance of hard work. Practice this and you will see success in the life of your child.

Your attitude toward education will have a profound effect upon the attitude of your child, as children usually adapt the values which their parents have in life. Realize that a good attitude toward education is vital for their success. For example, criticism of a teacher or principal in your child’s presence will produce an undesirable attitude in your child toward school. If you criticize and complain, before long your child will be doing the same thing. Avoid criticism as you would the plague. Always let your child know that you
are behind the teacher and the school.

If, by chance, a situation should arise in which you have questions, make sure that you have the whole story before passing judgment. Discuss the problem privately with the teacher, if necessary. Many times, because of the child’s maturity level, he does not present the entire picture. In summary, the purpose of the private school is to work together harmoniously for the benefit of the child; therefore, never let your child see a division between you and the teacher. Parent-Teacher cooperation is a must.


Many parents are considered intruders in public schools, however, this  private school is desirous of their parent’s help and devotion. Support your school in prayer. Your school will never be any stronger than those who stand behind it in prayer.

Your presence at school functions plays an important part in the school’s morale. First, it shows the school that you are interested in education. Secondly, it lets your child know that you are concerned about what is being taught. Thirdly, your presence encourages the principal and the teacher, letting them know that you will allow nothing to distract you from being in attendance at every activity that your school has.

You may not always agree with a decision that the school makes, but it is important that the school have your love and loyalty. It would be better to withdraw your child than to cause strife and contention. Do
not let others criticize the principal or teachers. Let others know that your school has your full backing, loyalty, and support.

Help your school with a love offering.

Christian schools receive no funds from the federal government. They depend on the tuition and gifts from concerned people. One of the best ways to help would be with a special love offering. You may designate
this gift for some particular need. You may give it in memory of a loved one. The amount is up to you. A gift such as this is a tangible means of showing your love and support for your school. We need, love and appreciate you.

REMEMBER: Christian education does not cost, it pays!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our school office at 000-0000.



Welcome one and all to our Orientation night. We are trying to inform the parents of all important announcements. We have listed these below:

1. Fees: Billing for the fees listed below is in October.

Elementary Art Fee $25.00 per year.
High School Electives: Orchestra $ 5.00 plus instrument
Chorus $ 5.00
Photography $20.00
Typing $17.00
Science $ 7.00
Yearbook $ 5.00

2. Students will be required to leave campus by 3:15 or be placed in Extended Day Class or Help’s class. (No exception).

3. Milk or orange juice is available at 35 cents per day or $1.75 per week.

4. School Hours: School starts at 8:30 a.m. in the morning and ends at 3pm.

5. Appointments: Any parent desiring a conference with the teacher should make an appointment through the school office for after school.

6. New Students: If you have not give a current record of your child’s immunizations, you must send this with the student the first day of school.

7. New Students Parent Conferences: The teacher will call the parents of children who are new in our school during the second or third week of school and arrange for a conference time with you so we can get
started off together doing what is best for your child.

8. Help Classes:

a. Will begin soon for those students to whom the teacher assigns  extra help.
b. It is a privilege for a student to attend these FREE help classes.
c. Only those children who have a definite need are eligible-we will  inform.

9. There is no school Labor Day (date).

10. Parent-Teacher Meeting: The first one is (date and time). We want each of our parents to attend all PTM’s. Important information that is necessary for you to be aware of concerning learning procedures, as
well as holidays and our school program in general, will be given at each PTM. Please plan to attend. It is not an association, but you are to come to this classroom and the teacher will go through a day’s routine with you and explain teaching methods.

11. Please, parents, do not plan to come into classroom even this first morning of school. We have found students adjust more smoothly if they are put on their own in the very beginning.

12. School Handbook: I am sure most of you received one of these in the mail. Please be sure to read careful because this will tell you a great deal about the policies, procedures, and schedules of (Name of the School), so you will understand and know ahead of time about many things.

13. P. E. Uniforms: School dress for physical education in Jr. and Sr. High list below:

a. Girls: School T-shirts, approved school culottes and tennis shoes.

b. Boys: School T-shirts, sweats, trunks and tennis shoes.

14. There will be hot and cold sandwiches offered at reasonable prices. Attached is a menu and prices.

15. Homework must be checked by parents and signed each day. Do try to help your child consistently with their homework. It encourages all students.

16. Absences:

a. In case of absence a parent should write a note to the teacher or  call the school office explaining the reason for the absence.

b. No excused absence except for illness or death in family.

c. If a student finds that an unexcused absence is unavoidable please  notify the school several days in advance.

d. Classtime missed for unexcused absence will be made up after school  until student is caught up.

e. If a parent does not call or write then the student will receive an 0 for the day. This 0 for the will be averaged in with their other grades.

f. Excessive unexcused absences will result in dismissal from school.

g. When student comes back to school they must report to school office before school starts and get a slip to admit to class.


(The above material was prepared by Pastor Morton for the use in his churches Christian school.)

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