Pastor’s Letter to Those That Missed or Failed to Turn in an Outreach Commitment Form


November 26, 1991


Praise the Lord!! Recently our church leaders and my family went to Jackson, TN. for the churches 4th Annual Planning Retreat where we prayed, planned, and brainstormed for the coming years growth within the Whitehaven church family. The constant theme that was stressed throughout these planning sessions was the bottom line of SOULS being won to Christ. Herein is the beauty of the Church and the Christian life, that the compassion of Christ forever reaches for the soul of lost mankind, to seek and to save that which is lost-through us. My prayer as a Pastor is that our busyness, whether it’s church expansion or social activities or whatever. never detracts us from our mission of fulfilling the Great Commission. It is for this reason that I have of recent directed Whitehaven’s focus upon areas of evangelism within our community. Each quarter of the year I plan to have an Outreach Re-Commitment service for the church family to express areas of their commitment to evangelism which they feel God prompting their involvement in for that 3 month period.

On November 17. on a Sunday Night we had our Annual Outreach Commitment service utilizing the A.C.T.I.O.N. commitment forms. According to our records, we have misplaced or not received your commitment form from this service either due to absence due to sickness or another reason. I feel it is important for our church family members to be involved in a church outreach somewhere. Whether it’s bringing a visitor or teaching a Home Bible Study, there should be an area of evangelism that you feel committed to working for the Lord in.

Enclosed please find an A.C.T.I.O.N. Commitment form that you can use to fill out and return to the church office at your convenience. I knew that you would not want to miss out on this opportunity of service to the Lord within your church family. Keep in mind that each commitment is only for three months after which we will (Lord Willing) have the next quarters recommitment service. You may want to renew or change your areas of Outreach Commitment each quarter. I want to provide you the opportunity to keep your commitments fresh and up-to- These commitments will begin January 1,1992 and end March 31.

Please pray about where you should join forces with the church as we keep SOULS IN VIEW IN 1992!!

Yours For Continued Revival,

Pastor Terry Black