Pastor’s Role in Men’s Ministries

Pastor’s Role in Men’s Ministries
David Heeley

The senior pastor is key in providing leadership and support to the overall effectiveness of the ministry to men. Matthew 4:19, Jesus models the leadership role as, “Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” He wanted the disciples to be with him, watch him, learn from him and follow his example.

Men in the church are looking for their Pastor to set the standard, model of what a real man of Christ looks like and lead with confidence and conviction.

Men Need Strong Pastoral Leadership

Just as Jesus said, “Come, follow me,” men are looking for their pastor to lead. Train your men and send them out. William Easum states it this way:

“Today’s leaders focus on permission giving rather than control or managing, they do not give orders, or dictate how people must operate within the organization. They cast vision that creates victory, that frees people to make on-the-spot decisions, then get out of the way. In this role they model an open and free environment in which ordinary people are encouraged and equipped to do extraordinary ministry. Their passion is to develop other leaders who will develop other leaders.”

Men Appreciate the Leader That’s Involved

A pastor’s involvement of time will pay huge dividends in the leadership core and their families. The senior pastor does not have to be involved in all planning and/or a part of every event or activity, but if it’s important to the pastor, it’s important to the men in the group. “Men who feel significant to their pastor will feel they can do significant things for God” (Jeff Swaim, Blueprint Leader Manual).

Men Want A Pastor Who’s A Regular Guy

Men want to know their Senior Pastor relates to what they are dealing with, going through and understands the real world and how it operates. Men appreciate a person that speaks of real-world experiences. In sermon illustrations/stories, use life experiences or jobs outside from the pulpit.

Men also appreciate a masculine, strong leader that is firm in their convictions. Without a harsh or condemning tone, share the gospel with boldness.

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