Pentecost or Fifty Day Campaign



This is a solid, Bible based campaign that is sure to increase your attendance considerably.

The campaign is all based on the first and second chapters of Acts. It runs for seven weeks, with eight Sundays involved.

Everything climaxes on the 50th day or “Pentecost Sunday”.

This campaign, which can be used during almost any seven week period, has its own financing built in.

Please use your own ingenuity to make this or any other of the campaigns or special days to fit your situation. Pray over them and ask the Lord to guide you in planning for your Sunday School’s promotion
and “special days”.

Promote this campaign with the teachers and officers for several weeks, laying down a good foundation. This primarily is an adult campaign.

1. Ascension Sunday —A letter goes out- to the people urging them to be present for this starting Sunday. Explain in the letter that many wonderful plans will be displayed and presented. Make it as exciting as
possible. Have the whole campaign well in mind and outlined for the people so that they can get the whole picture and become excited about it. Tell them that you will present the most wonderful campaign ever
undertaken by your church. They can certainly benefit personally from it. When they hear all of the fantastic things to take place and the part they will play, they certainly will want to get in on it from the

Just as Jesus ascended to the Father we must ascend toward our goal set for Pentecost Sunday. Jesus said, “…and greater works than these, shall ye do; because I go unto my Father. ”

Let’s be about His work.

2. Disciples Sunday – Just as there were 120 disciples gathered in the Upper Room, we too must be His disciples and make other disciples.

On this day, we should try for 100%. There were 120 names on the roll in the Upper Room and they were all present.

This is Everyone Bring One Sunday.

3. Matthew Sunday – This is the Sunday for everyone to bring a special offering. Matthew, as a former tax collector, was familiar with financial matters. Make this a collection Sunday.

If this Sunday is properly promoted, a large special offering can be received to finance this campaign. Larger churches should have two or three thousand dollar special offering or even more, over and above the regular tithes and gifts received.

You will see later on why you need an added amount of money for this campaign.

The additional adults brought during these special Sundays will also contribute to this financial success.

4. All Nation’s Sunday – Since there were devout men out of “every nation under Heaven”, then there are several things that could make this day a glorious day.

The following are suggestions:

a. Have as many nationalities present as possible.
b. Have John 3:16 quoted or read in as many languages as possible.
. Have several testimonies in other languages with interpretations.
d. Have flags of as many nations as possible displayed around the auditorium.
e. Have curios of other nations on display.
f. Have a missionary film.
g. Have someone sing in a foreign language.
h. Have some missionary music.
i. Have an emphasis on soul-winning.
j. Think of several aspects that you may come up with.

On this Sunday, start a sign up campaign to be present on Pentecost Sunday.

5. Praise Sunday – Acts 2:47 – “…praising God and having favor with all the people…”

All music for that day should be songs of praise. It could be a day of appreciation and thanksgiving. Make it “teacher appreciation day”. Have a contest to see what child can present the longest list of things we should be thankful for.

Continue to sign up people for Pentecost Sunday. Everything starts with a commitment.

6. Upper Room Sunday – Since there were 120 in the Upper Room, choose 120 adults, 120 teens and 120 children who will be willing to pray and visit for ten days, leading up to Pentecost Sunday. Can you imagine, 120 adults, 120 teens and 120 children praying and winning souls for 10 full days. What a wonderful harvest of souls on Pentecost Sunday.

Let the people know in a letter a few days prior to this Sunday that you plan to choose 120 very special people for a very important job. “How embarrassing to have your name called and you not be there. ”

Continue to sign up people for Pentecost Sunday.

7. Twelve Apostles Sunday – Since the twelve were present during those wonderful days, have twelve men dress up like the twelve apostles. Ask the people to come and meet Peter, James and John and all the rest on that Sunday. There are many likenesses painted of the twelve. One such book is “Jesus and the Twelve”, published by Good Will Publishers, Inc., Gastonia, N. C.

You could give these books to the one who brought the greatest number of visitors on that particular Sunday.

Let the “twelve apostles” visit all of the Sunday School classes. Have the children guess which is which after a few hints. Example: “This man was a fisherman; he preached and 3,000 were saved in one day.” Answer
is Peter.

This can be an unforgettable day. A day of much learning,

Continue to sign up people on the commitment cards for Pentecost Sunday.

8. Pentecost Sunday – This is the fiftieth day since the campaign began. Many of the larger churches should have a goal of “3,000” in Sunday School. If that goal is too high set another reachable number.

Set all kinds of goals for that day, such as; numbers of visitors, numbers in each department of the Sunday School, etc.

* Special Aspects of the Campaign

With the money received in the special offering on “Matthew Sunday” you can pay for the printing, mailing, etc. and give some worthwhile and meaningful awards.