Planning A Soulwinning Sunday

by Ron Wilhoit


Here’s how to plan for a great big festive Sunday that will attract young and old alike. Crowds of people will come from all over the neighborhood if you do it right!

* Plan the menu. Have each family in your church bring three or more covered dishes. The church might be responsible for providing additional food in case of an overflow crowd.

* Plan activities for the kids. Have clowns, fun, and games–plus Bible stories, puppets, and singing. For the adults, feature special singing groups and lots of congregational singing. You might sandwich in several good, inspiring testimonies.

* Plan advertisements. Announce the big day about four weeks in advance. You may copy the enclosed bulletin on a mimeograph or copier or have it reproduced at a nearby Kwik Kopy.

* Decorations. Make the outside of your church festive and exciting with lots of balloons, banners, and colorful signs.

* Teamwork. Send teams of people door-to-door on Saturday, four weeks in advance of the big day. Distribute fliers to every home with a personal invitation. If the parents can’t come, encourage the children
to be there. On each Saturday before the big event, solicit additional homes in the neighborhood. On the day before the dinner, remind those who have promised to come.

* Introduce the Home Bible Study program. Sometime during the day, be sure that every newcomer fills out a visitor and check at the bottom whether they wish to have a free Home Bible Study. You might also
display the completion certificate and a nice, inexpensive Bible that will be given to each person who finishes the lessons. This is also an excellent time to enroll backsliders in a Bible study class. continue to follow up on every visitor that attends on this special day. Visit the parents of children who came and try to enroll them in a Home Bible Study.

We sincerely hope these ideas will help your church reap a harvest of souls. If you like this idea section in our sale brochure, please let us know about it and we will give you more!



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