Pornography: The Computer Virus

Pornography: The Computer Virus

I didn’t have a clue what was wrong. Something had happened. A program in our system went awry. The specialist was called for and, after putting his specially formed electronic computer stethoscope on it, he diagnosed the disease: a virus. A virus in my computer? Whoever heard of such a thing? The remedy was quite expensive and they don’t sell hospitalization for computers.

That brings me to the subject at hand. What is the most dangerous spiritual virus on the Internet? Without exception, thinking people join in chorus and say, “Pornography.”

The Washington Post calls the Internet “the largest porn store in history.” Pornography generates one billion dollars annually on the Internet alone. It is estimated there are 50 million users. There are at least 40 million Internet pages portraying at least 1 million pornographic pictures. People are hooked on the Internet virus of pornography.

Carol McGallird made an interesting observation: “Responsible adults had better be watching when kids are on the Internet. Otherwise,
they could be opening themselves up to long-lasting damage from pornography. There are nearly three times more hardcore pornography outlets in the United States than there are McDonalds restaurants. Every facet of pornography brings in an estimated 13 billion dollars annually. You can no more leave your children alone to travel the information highway than you con leave them in Times Square in New York.”

Where do behaviors like incest, rape, and other sexual sins originate? Virtually all agencies involved will tell you that these things begin with pornography. What does the Bible say? Ezekiel 23 tells us that the Lord told Ezekiel there were two sisters – the older named Aholah, and the younger sister, Aholibah. Something was wrong with them. They had a spirit of prostitution. In allegory, he said he was speaking of Samaria and Jerusalem. Aholah is Samaria; Aholibah is Jerusalem. He went on to say they were filled with lust. It apparently started when they were molested as young girls. Verse 3 says, “Even as young girls they allowed themselves to be fondled and caressed.” He took her out of Egypt but she did not leave the spirit of prostitution behind, according to verse 8.

From whence comes all of this? Verse 14 tells us (Living Bible):
“She fell in love with pictures that were painted on a wall – pictures of Babylonian military officers outfitted in striking red uniforms. When she saw these paintings she longed to give herself to them so she sent messengers to Babylon (She got on the Internet) to invite them to come to her.” One thing led to another. They came – but this didn’t satisfy. She became disgusted with them and broke off her relationship with them. What next? Verse 20 says, “She lusted after lovers whose attention were gross and bestial.” Could it be that she gave herself to the lowest of the low – bestiality?

Note what plays into this: Images painted on a wall. Pornography. Even God himself, thousands of years ago, warned us not to set the evil of images of any kind before our eyes.

It is stated that after six weeks of repeated exposure to non-violent hardcore pornography people are already developing warped perceptions about normal sex and monogamous relationships. Paralleling pornography’s availability, rape has increased 523% since 1960. It appears the Supreme Court has ruled that it is up to parents and protective software to safeguard children from Internet obscenities.

Reason magazine, May 1998 issue reported that “late lost year Lorry Flynt gave every U. S. Representative, Senator, and Cabinet head a complimentary subscription to his pornographic magazine, Hustler. Only 63 refused the subscription. “Shock Jock” Howard Stern was quoted in Human Events as saying, “Television has changed. Standards have gone to an all-time low and I’m here to represent that. It’s a miracle. I prayed to God for this. We’ll have sex, nudity, and lesbians. We’ll interview wackos from all walks of life.” Yes, that is a new low for the nation that will tolerate it.

Parents, you better know more about the Internet than your children. Guide and protect them, as they become computer literate. The church has to get involved. Statements have to-be made. Avail yourself of the necessary software that can at least help in keeping this kind of trash off an instrument that could otherwise be such a blessing.

It is time for us to plead the blood, invoke the name of Jesus, and to lead by example as never before. Sin is on the increase but Hallelujah… “Where sin did abound, grace did much more abound.” Rest assured, they that be with us are more than they that be with them. Look out Goliath, here comes our David with his slingshot. He is greater than all your technology.

The above material was published by Louisiana Challenger, June 1999. This material may be copyrighted and should be used for study and research purposes only.