Portable Baptistry Expands Outreach Opportunities

Portable Baptistry Expands Outreach Opportunities

Bill Chambers

Jesus said to the disciples, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them…” An important part of baptizing is a place to baptize.

Sister Chambers was shown a vision of a portable, foldable baptistry. Brother Bill Chambers built the prototype, and it is now being mass produced. The portable baptistery that can help home missions churches, foreign missionaries and extension ministries across the globe.

As Christian Prisoner Fellowship (CPF) Chaplains, the Chambers combined vision, carpentry skills and an intense passion for souls to construct a baptistry that can be taken and set up anywhere.

The baptistry, (Called “Port-A-Tub”) which is three feet wide, six feet long and two feet deep when fully set up, folds down to only two feet by three feet by seven inches and fits into the trunk of most cars. The compact thirty-pound package can be easily lifted by most.

“I can set it up by myself in ten minutes,” Bro. Chambers said. Because of the large diameter drain, it drains in a short space of time as well. The tank itself is made of a durable metal that is stain and rust resistant.

“It could last indefinitely if it is handled well.” He added. The tank also comes with a removable vinyl lining. In prison ministry in the California Department of Corrections, the Chambers have baptized two converts so far in the portable pool with no problems at all. “There’s plenty of room to baptize somebody over six feet because you baptize them at an angle and their knees bend,” Bro. Chambers said.

One of the portable baptisteries that they displayed at the general conference last year was purchased to be used by a church in the Philippines.

Bro. and Sis. Chambers recommend the baptistries for use in home mission churches; on the foreign fields; in prison ministry, park services, and tent services; for ministry in convalescent homes or wherever portability is needed. Interest has been shown to export the Port-A-Tub to Israel to be used for a cleansing pool.

For $399, the baptistries come complete with a patch kit. All orders must be submitted to: Home Missions Department, UPCI, 8855 Dunn Rd. Hazelwood, MO 63042-2299 (314) 837-7300. Inquiries should be directed to: CCPF PO Box 293536, Sacramento, CA 95829-3536 (916) 284-6175 or e-mail: chaplainschambers@arilion.com.