By: William. Sciscoe


Prayer is the most important ingredient in the preparation of man to do Christian service, and live and overcoming life. “Direction is more important than speed.” A prayerless life always precedes a loss of
direction. God’s one-word enemy today is “Hurry.” However, our “Hurry- Up” attitude will not change God’s attitude. He says “Wait.”



ISA. 40:91 Renews Strength
GEN. 3:8 Communications
LUKE 18:1 Jesus Said To Pray
MATT. 26:36 Jesus Gave Example
LUKE 10:2 He Requests Us To Pray
PS. 147:1 Praises To God (Comely)
JAMES 5:13 Afflicted, Or In Need



MARK 1:35 In The Morning
DAN. 6:10 Three Times A Day
I THES. 5:17 Pray Without Ceasing
LUKE 6:12 Continued All Night In Prayer
ACTS 10:2 Prayed To God-Always
I THES. 3:10 Night And Day Praying



MARK 1:35 In A Solitary Place
MATT. 6:6 Enter Into Thy Closet
ACTS 3:1 The Temple (Church House)
ACTS 2:42-46 From House To House



I TIM. 2:1 Supplications (Asking, Wanting, Needing, Always Addressed To God.) Intercessions (Meet With In Order To Converse; Then To Make Petition Especially Plead For Another.)
Giving Of Thanks, Adoration And Praise Included
ROM. 8:26 With Groaning Which Cannot Be Uttered
GAL. 4:19 Travailing In Birth


HOW TO PRAY-(Attitude)

LUKE 11:1-4 Our Model
JUDE 20 In The Holy Ghost
JAMES 5:15 In Faith
MARK 11:24 Believing
JAMES 5:16,17 Fervently & Earnestly
HEB. 4:16 Come Boldly Unto The Throne
ACTS 3:6 Positively
I COR. 14:9 Into The Air
ACTS 12:5 Prayer Was Made


“Prayer cannot be taught, it must be caught.”
It is entirely possible to be busy, but barren.
Speaking words on our knees is not always praying.


(The original source of the above material is unknown.)

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