Adam Solorio


We know more truth than we’re living.

Most of us are not confused as to why certain things in our lives are the way they are. Neither are we confused as to how to change them. I am, of necessity, speaking in generalizations but we tend to know more truth than we live. In those moments when we examine difficult and taxing situations we face, and we desperately want a solution, we usually know what the solution is. Unfortunately, we all too often trade what we need and really want for what we want right now. We trade the immediate for the ultimate and that is always a sorry trade.

We know we need to be more disciplined, we know we need to be more dedicated, and we know we need to pray more. We not only need to pray more but, we need to pray properly. James 4 tells us that we “have not because we ask not” and that when we ask, we often “ask amiss”; namely, that we may consume what we ask for upon our lusts and passions. In other words, God doesn’t answer prayers you don’t pray and God doesn’t answer carnal prayers.

Real power in prayer is found when we bring our will into agreement with God’s will. Pray in His will, pray His Word, and you’ll find God attentive and active.

The simple act of prayer is an act of faith. It indicates that you hold some basic assumptions about God. Prayer tells God that you believe He is not only willing but able to step into your story and bring His blessings and promises into your world. The act of prayer tells God that you believe in Him and not in the limitations your finite world imposes. Prayer tells God you believe His Word when it says, “whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” (Matt. 21:22, ESV). It tells God you believe Luke 11, Mark 11, and James 5:15. Prayer is an act of faith.

We need to not only learn the importance and power of pray but we need to actually pray. If the Christian life is worth living, it’s worth living poorly. Meaning, no matter how feeble your attempts may feel, continue attempting. Soon enough your weak prayer life will become a strong prayer life through faithfulness and experience.

After all, prayer is not simply a monologue. It’s not man dictating a list of demands to God. Prayer is a dialogue whereby God and man draw closer together. Prayer is as much about us hearing from God as it is God hearing from us.

So pray. Pray for your family. Pray for your city. Pray for your nation. Pray for the church. Pray for renewal and for a revival of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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