Prayer Evangelism Coordinator

Prayer Evangelism Coordinator
Elizabeth Taylor


Job Purpose

To assist the prayer team and church in taking prayer outside of the boundaries of the church building. As the director of prayer evangelism, you will be involved in turning the focus outwards with the prayers of the saints. Major focus will be placed on organizing events, motivating saints to be outward focused and participate in prayer evangelism, and vision casting according to the Pastor’s vision. This will require helping the body to understand that prayer is not just mean to be inward focused and pass the burden to reach our community through prayer.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus’ name
2. Must meet the qualifications for church membership
3. Must be loyal to the Pastor
4. Must be willing and able to work in unity and peace with others
5. Must have a burden for our community/lost souls
6. Must have a daily prayer life & experience with intercession
7. Must be able to teach and lead others concerning the topic of prayer/prayer evangelism
8. Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties
9. Must be a member of the prayer team as a whole
10. Must be able to communicate effectively with people of all ages
11. Must be up to date with current issues in our state and community

Job Responsibilities

* Shall oversee and supervise all activities and operations of prayer evangelism under the direction of the Pastor, and prayer team leader. Shall seek to fulfill all responsibilities with dedication, love, passion, and faithfulness.
* Shall take an active interest in planning and participating in:
* The regular prayer meeting planned by the prayer team
* Outreach events organized by the outreach department
* Prayer evangelism outings
* Shall serve as a catalyst to the whole church body to take prayer outside of the church building
* Must keep up to date with issues and needs in the community
* Serve as an example in prayer and love of souls to the church body
* Shall coordinate and oversee prayer walks (Adopt-A-Block)
* Map out the community and make copies available for church members
* Have each member choose a block that is there assigned block
* Each member should prayer walk their block at least once a week
* Group prayer walks are to be taken once a month; location to be determined by prayer evangelism coordinator based off of current needs/leading of the Holy Spirit
* Teach a training session on how to effectively prayer walk once a quarter
* Create a way of accountability to assure that church members are involved in prayer walking in the community
* Shall coordinate and oversee prayer rallies
* Prayer rallies are to be organized at strategic times surrounding political issues in our communities (Times such as crucial voting, school violence, crime, changes in laws, etc.)
* Prayer rallies can be held at the courthouse, school systems, statehouse, police stations, etc.
* Must have a pre-determined team and instruct them on what a prayer rally is/how to behave at one
* Must keep all prayer rallies peaceful and a positive attitude
* Must submit an event form to the office 2 weeks prior to prayer rally and have approved
* Shall coordinate and oversee Home Bible Study Prayer Partners
* For each Home Bible Study, there must be a prayer partner assigned
* Prayer partners must be first taken from the prayer team, then from the church body as a whole
* Work closely with the Home Bible Study director to find out each Home Bible Study happening. Should touch base once weekly to find out about new contacts
* Based off of the HBS family, assign the appropriate prayer partner from the church
* HBS Prayer Partner is responsible for praying for their HBS family each week
* and also staying in contact with them to ask for weekly prayer requests
* The goal is to be in constant intercession for our HBS families, keep them plugged into the church, and build relationships with them to help assimilation into the church body
* Prayer Partners should not be members of the opposite sex. Assign married couples as a team to other married couples.
* Incorporate needs of the HBS families into the prayer teams list of needs
* Shall coordinate and oversee door-to-door prayer requests
* Frequency of door knocking is to be determined by the prayer evangelism
* coordinator: must be at least once a quarter
* Teams must be built and assigned a certain area to door knock
* The team should be in prayer and fasting at least 1 week prior to their door
* knocking
* Teams will go to chosen area on a Saturday afternoon and go door-to-door asking for prayer requests. Take connection cards to fill out the needs, contact info, and if they would like a HBS
* Keep these contact cards on file and share them with the appropriate departments (prayer team, follow up team, and HBS team)
* Follow up with contacts at least 2 weeks later to reassess the status of their prayer request
* Shall coordinate and oversee prayer at the pole
* See You at the Pole (SYATP) is a yearly event designed to have students meet at their flag pole and pray together one day out of the year (see for dates)
* Work with the youth leader to choose a team leader to coordinate the event at each school represented
* Have the student leader reach out to their fellow school members and encourage all people to join their prayer event
* Create a prayer sheet with needs that the student can focus on and allow them to add specific needs for their school
* Also involve students in the Global Week of Student prayer: encouraging them to find new, unique, and evangelistic ways to prayer in their school and communities
* Stay up to date with the World Network of Prayer events and training resources
* Shall attend all church wide prayer meetings
* Also lead an intercessory focused prayer meeting once a month to have church focus on the needs of the community that have been gathered through other events
* Shall oversee and coordinate intercessory prayer seminars
* Twice a year, a intercessory prayer seminar is to be held
* The prayer evangelism coordinator may bring in outside speakers, or may speak themselves
* The focus is to equip members of the church on how to learn how to pray for needs other than their own and intercede for their community, nation, world, etc.
* This should be a 2 day event that ends with an intercessory prayer meeting
* Shall be willing, able, and prepared to teach/speak/preach as needed

Other Duties

* Shall have no events on Monday nights- this is a night designed for families to spend
* time together
* Shall be an example to the entire church body in prayer life and intercessory prayer
* Shall be at each service half an hour early to pray and lead the church by example Shall attend all annual planning retreats and monthly departmental planning councils If unable to attend for any reason, director should notify the office staff as soon as possible and arrange for all forms to be turned in beforehand
* Shall hand in an official monthly report at the monthly staff council
* Shall work kindly and politely with all other directors
* Shall be in continual growth in Christian character and prayer life
* Shall perform additional duties as required

Organizational Relationships

The prayer evangelism director is responsible directly to the Pastor. Each year, the Pastor and Prayer evangelism director will review this job description, update, and improve to make it more applicable to this position. Accountability shall consist of a monthly report of all evangelistic prayer activities and upcoming events. The director shall work closely with all departments, but especially with the regular prayer team, HBS department, follow up department, and youth department. Involvement in the prayer team is required- prayer evangelism is a branch of the prayer ministry, but with an outward focus. Work with the HBS director will consist of establishing prayer partners. Work with the follow-up department will involve follow-up with needs brought from the community. Work with the youth will involve SYATP and the week of student prayer. Evaluation of performance of this position shall be performed by the Pastor on an annual basis. The term of this office shall be for one year.

Training and Development

* Read “Prayer Evangelism” By Ed Silvoso
* Read “When Ye Pray” by Joy Haney
* Read “True Evangelism: Winning Souls by Prayer” by Lewis Sperry Chafer
* Read “Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation” by Jason Mandryk -Consult WNOP for training on how to prayer walk, encourage prayer, personal prayer, etc. -Attend local WNOP prayer events

Job Goals for the Year 2017

* -Create a prayer partner for each HBS
* Hold at least 1 prayer rally – expand this number for next year
* Successfully coordinate Adopt-A-Block and see faithful follow through for at least 2 prayer
* walking teams: expand this year to year
* -Explore the possibility of holding a prayer seminar
* -Arrange for students to be involved at SYATP
* Hold a monthly intercessory prayer meeting
* Have at least 2 door knocking teams established and faithfully hitting the streets at least once a month


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