Prayer Ministry Ideas

Prayer Ministry Ideas – By Sis. T. Tenney

Praying Through the Week for Missionaries

Day 1: Sunday The Missionary’s Own Relationship To God, feeding on the Word, prayer life led by the Spirit, maturity and growth, victory over Satan, sin and temptation

Day 2: Monday The Missionary’s Physical and Emotional Life Adaptation to climate, health in the midst of disease, safety in danger, victory over loneliness depression

Day 3: Tuesday The Missionary’s Family Relationships with others, family life as a model for nationals, family members stateside or other-wise

Day 4: Wednesday The Missionary’s Ability to Communicate Language study, continual improvement in fluency, cultural adaptation and understanding

Day 5: Thursday The Missionary’s Ministry Teaching, preaching, witnessing, boldness and open doors, prepared hearts, fruitfulness

Day 6: Friday The Missionary’s Relationships with Fellow Workers Other missionaries, national evangelists, pastors and teachers

Day 7: Saturday The Missionary’s Country of Service Government -national and local political situation visas continued open doors, outreach to cities, villages and tribes.

Knocking on Doors

When knocking on doors for evangelism purposes, instead of introducing yourself as a member of your church, have a clip board in hand and tell them that you are out praying for your city, one area at a time. Ask them if they have a special need or prayer request. Almost without fail, they will give you a request and then ask what church you are from. Take the request back to prayer group, pray over it and follow up with a card that lets them know that you prayed for their specific need (ex. “Dear Joan, we wanted to let you know that we prayed for Sally”).

Hospital Prayer List

This is a great idea to reach hurting people. Check with area hospitals and get permission to put a prayer request book in the waiting room with the church name, address and phone number printed on it. Designate someone to pick up the book each week and have the church pray over it.

Yearly Prayer Calendar

Establish a personal prayer calendar to help develop a broad spectrum of prayer. (For example, during the month of January focus on repentance, cleansing and fresh direction. For the month of September, focus prayers on children and young people going back to school.)

Anna’s Room

Anna’s Room differs from a regular prayer room in both design and purpose. It is created to offer a place of total solitude for someone who desires to seek God for an extended period of time. Since its purpose is not intercession, it does not contain maps, lists, and prayer request cards you would probably find in an active prayer room. Instead, Anna’s Room is equipped with comfortable seating for one, a variety of lighting options, a kneeler or altar, a Bible, tissues and perhaps praise music. It is a special place that can be reserved for several hours or even an entire day. It could be equipped with a bed or cot and small refrigerator stocked with drinking water. Anna’s Room is a great place to put on your spiritual brakes and be still long enough for God to catch up with you. This I know – He will speak to you as you learn to sit in His presence and wait on Him.

Missionary Prayer Calendar

Using the missionary Prayer Calendar can be a wonderful addition to your prayer life or your church’s. (This can be ordered through the UPCI Foreign Missions Department by email


Cut out headlines in the newspaper and mount them on poster paper writing under each headline the name of a missionary who is working near that area.

Bible Promise for a Missionary

Give each person the name of a missionary and suggest she claim a Bible promise also list the scripture for the Bible promise. Pray that this promise might be experienced in the life of the missionary whose name you have.