Prayer Revival

Prayer Revival
Randy Tahyi


Our Annual Prayer Revival is just around the corner. It is scheduled March 16-22, 2009. It is without a doubt a powerful tool for the church. This is one revival will do so much for your local assembly and the churches around the world. The time of instruction and prayer will bring your church closer to one another and empower them to make a difference in their community.

If you have not seen the outline for the Prayer Revival you can view it or print it from our website. It can be found on the Church Growth Resource page on our website. The outline can be used as is or you can brainstorm from it to develop your own schedule of services.

I have received reports where churches have used this time for communion and feet washing. They have used it as a home prayer session. They have brought in a special speaker or they have used their local ministers to preach these services. The main thing we are asking ever church to do is record the amount of people that pray and the time that they pray. You should send the total time that was prayed during the week to your Prayer Revival. Send those totals to the National Church Growth Department. WE will then total the reported hours and place that total in a future issue of this publication.

It is very important that you report the hours immediately so we can get the word out to all pastors about the time spent praying for revival in their local churches. WE ask that you have everyone pray at least ten minutes for the saving of the sinners and backsliders. Of course, we are not limiting them to only ten minutes. The more prayers, the better!

You can report your prayer hours via e-mail or telephone. You can find this information on the Church Growth website at Click on the Church Growth Department to find the contact information you need to send us your report.

If only 200 churches took part, and only 20 people from each church would pray ten minutes for the lost of their community and the world, then that would be 4,000 people praying a total of 40,000 minutes of revival and harvest. That would total over 600 hours of prayer in just one day. Then figure it out for the eight services in that week. It would be over 300,000 minutes of prayer for your church to have revival and harvest in one week. Over 5,300 hours of prayer in just one short week.

Now figure if every church in the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ and every member of every church took part in this Prayer Revival. Look at the impact we will have on the powers of darkness and for the Kingdom of God. Look at how brightly the Church can be shining in just one short week. Looking forward to receiving your reports.

The article “Prayer Revival” written by Randy Tahyi was excerpted from Apostolic Witness, February 2009.