Praying With Children

Praying With Children
By Steve Cannon

I The four steps of worship – Mike & Vickie Oliver

1 Close your eyes.
2 Tilt or lift up your head to heaven.
3 Raise your hands.
4 Open your mouth in a playground voice.

II Close your eyes – First step

1 Close your eyes to block out everything.
2 Children and adults can be distracted by looking around.
3 Closing your eyes helps you remain focused.
4 Encourage to think about Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

III Tilt or lift up your head – Second step

1 This helps to focus our face toward the answer.
2 It also gives us the privilege to understand what the child is saying.
3 Problems of buried heads and shyness.
4 Story on young child who just wanted to go home.
5 We must teach them to look up and believe!

IV Raise you hands – Step three

1 Raising your hands is a sign of submission.
2 We must teach submission and a spirit to yield to God.
3 Hands create a funnel for God’s blessings!
4 Hands raised also introduce a power to receive. Acts 3
5 You don’t have to raise your hands to receive the Holy Ghost.

V Open your mouth with a playground voice – Step four

1 You can never get the Holy Ghost with your mouth shut.
2 Have you ever heard a child when he felt he was alone?
3 They have freedom and liberty.
4 Teach them to get loud for results! They are used to this!
5 This is a loud generation!
6 The louder they speak, the greater the chance to speak a new language! Encourage openness and volume.
7 This one single step will work for adults also!

VI Knowing how to pray is important

1 This is taught in the pre-service and during the crusade.
2 Take time to teach this principle!
3 This works and I have seen altar workers shocked at results!

Pitfalls Of The Crusade

I While the blessings are great, there are pitfalls!

1 What happens when a local Church doesn’t want revival?
2 What happen when a Pastor finds fault with the Crusade Team?
3 What happens when people don’t have a Biblical perception?
4 What happens when you get no encouragement?

II What happens when a local Church doesn’t want revival?

1 Some Churches don’t have a revival spirit.
2 Crusades are the best teacher that local churches can have revival.
3 Put on a happy and faithful face in the midst of doubt.
4 Be Pentecostal and Apostolic in attitude and spirit.
5 Crusade teams are there to bless and encourage!

III What happen when a Pastor finds fault with the Crusade Team?

1 Pastors are needed for a successful crusade.
2 Try to be as acceptable as possible. Be flexible.
3 Some Pastors have local rules that we must abide by!
4 Work to resolve any problems as soon as possible.
5 Be up front with the Pastor of what you do nightly.

IV What happens when people don’t have a Biblical perception?

1 Some people have weird beliefs.
2 To speak one word in tongues, that is the Holy Ghost.
3 Preach the Word and base your Crusades on truth.
4 It’s always good to state the purpose of your Crusade. That purpose is to see lost children find God. It’s the local Churches job to disciple that child or adult. You can’t do everything!
5 The Bible is your safety net for problems.

V What happens when you get no encouragement?

1 Some people do not know how to say `thank you’!
2 Encourage your TEAM to do their best without encouragement.
3 Learn to encourage yourselves afterwards!
4 Remember that God sees all, and He likes what you’re doing!
5 Evangelizing children is a biblical perspective.
6 Our reward is not here, but there!
7 Don’t let praises or criticism stop your effort to win the lost.
8 When you hear one person speak in tongues, that’s your reward!

Sunday School Seminar
By Robert Meyer

This years Wisconsin District Sunday School Seminar, which was helfd at Apostolic Truth Church in Appleton was very well attended. Pastor Mike Schmalz, and Bro. Ron Turner, as well as their church team were excellent hosts.

This year we were blessed by the ministry of Evangelist Jonathan Maki, and the training of Sis. Judy Maki.

Friday night at the rally Bro. Maki preached an excellent message on keeping the doctrine. As he usually does Bro. Maki used plenty of scripture to support his case.

Saturday morning Sis. Maki one session on “Feed My Lambs – What every child needs every week in Sunday School.” In her second session she spoke on the subject “Discipline Book camp,” discipline in the classroom. In the first session the marvelous glory of the Lord was manifested, which extended the session some but no one seemed to mind the wonderful interruption.

It was one of the best Seminars we have had, and are thankful for the burden, and dedication of the Maki’s.

The article “Praying With Children” written by Steve Cannon is excerpted from Children’s Ministry Conference 2008 and “Sunday School Seminar” written by Robert Meyer is excerpted from The Whole Gospel To The Whole World.