Preparing for Prayer


By Teri Spears & Thetus Tenney

Proper preparation will enhance our time spent in prayer.


The Place
A prayer bench
a desk
a comfortable chair
or even your kitchen table.
A prayer room
church auditorium
your study
your porch
or even your bedroom.
While you walk
while you drive

These are just some of the places for prayer.

In fact, any location where prayer is needed can become a place of prayer.. .
high-crime districts
in cities
particular neighborhoods
places of special events
government buildings
city streets.

The Postures
– Kneel
…Peter…kneeled down, and prayed… (Acts 9:40).
– Sit
…came a sound from heaven… and it filled all the house where they were sitting… (Acts 2:2).
– Bow
Oh come, let us worship and bow down… (Psalm 95:6).
– Stand
…and when ye stand praying…(Mark 11:24).
– Walk
Arise, walk through the land… for I will give it to thee (Genesis 13:17).

Praying At Different Times

Our culture seems to demand shifting of daily schedules. The work day begins at greatly varying times for each of us. Our prayer time will reflect this.

Our prayer time may also be determined by the season of our life. Schedules vary greatly among young families, singles and the retired. We should adjust and adapt the priority of our prayer time to the demands of our current stage of life.

This is the day the Lord bath made… (Psalm 118:24).
Give the day to God.

Early will I seek thee… (Psalm 63:1).
Pray early for guidance and help.

Quietly listen to the voice of God before the rush of life.

Oh satisfy us early with thy mercy, that we may rejoice… (Psalm 90:14).

Recognize God’s sovereignty, grace, and mercy for this day and give Him praise.

…we will give ourselves continually to prayer… (Acts 6:4).

Stay in a prayerful state of mind through all your daily activities.

– Praying at slack times
– Sitting at a red light – pray for the people in the cars around you.
– Waiting in line – bless the place of business and all employed there.
– While driving – bless each neighborhood .
– On the job – pray to be a witness to your co-workers.
– When cleaning house – cover each room and those who frequent them with prayer and protection.

– Praying At Special Times

Prayer should be a part of every day of our lives; however, we may encounter unique needs that demand special prayer time. Through prayer at these special times we show our appreciation for Him. We get our hearts in focus for the next interval of living out our lives for Him.

Set aside one day a week or month for time with God. To get the most from this time, proper rest is needed. A tired body and mind will find it difficult to stay focused over an extended period of time.

Reasons and benefits of special times in prayer:
– To develop a more intimate relationship with God Extended time in prayer will enhance our relationship with God.
– To renew our perspective Special time in prayer will help us see God’s view. Our spiritual man will be strengthened; our mind will be renewed.
– For Intercession – Praying for family, friends, neighbors, those in ministry at home and around the world, for cities, nations, and those who need the gospel will bring remarkable results.
– Humbling ourselves in repentance and submission Brings purity of heart and lives.
– Special times of prayer provide a unique opportunity for personal inventory and evaluation. This is of particular value at times when making important decisions.
– Special prayer time will enable us to recognize opportunities and proceed with confidence, as we pursue God’s purposes and plans for us.

Changing your position or even location (go for a walk) can help you stay focused during an extended time of prayer.

– Immediate Praying

When prayer is needed, why wait? Why say, “I will pray for you.” Just do it! An immediate prayer at the time of a confessed need can be very effective. A quiet prayer in a public place is an excellent witness of your faith.

– Peter and James prayed on the way to the temple (Acts 3:6).
– Peter prayed in the house (Acts 9:40).
– Paul prayed in the street (Acts 16:18).

Using Prayer Helps

– Bible Promise Book
For quick reference to promises concerning various needs
– Bible Concordance
For scriptural reference
– Books
For study, devotion, and inspiration
– Paper and Pen

For writing prayer requests and reminders of prayer needs

For when our wandering mind remembers things we need to do (Jot them down and dismiss the distraction.)

For recording impressions, inspired thoughts and scriptures from the Lord

– Prayer Journal
Write as God speaks. Record written and answered prayers.
– Music
Speaking and singing aloud or listening to music often helps us concentrate on prayer and worship.

Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord. (Ephesians 5:19).

– Pictures
Photographs of loved ones, friends, people, places, cities, and projects that need prayer.

Using a Prayer Agenda

The Lord’s prayer is given for an example of a prayer agenda.

A prayer agenda can be very important. It will enable us to cover many areas of prayer consistently.

We need not be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the many prayer needs presented to us. Just put them on your agenda!

Set a daily/weekly/monthly agenda for all needs to be remembered in prayer. We will find that we will pray more consistently for others, our community, the nation, the world and special needs by utilizing this unique tool. A prayer agenda will allow us to cover more in prayer without feeling overwhelmed in our daily prayer time.

A suggested agenda for your convenience is on the following page. Please feel free to copy or adapt to your personal needs. The agenda offered here is for categorizing prayer.

Prayer Agenda –
Church staff
Local (neighborhood/city)

The above article, “Preparing For Prayer” is written by Teri Spears & Thetus Tenney. The article was excerpted from pages 5-18 of the author’s book Prayer.

The material is copyrighted and should not be reprinted under any other name or author. However, this material may be freely used for personal study or research purposes.