Principles Of Christian Giving


I. God owns everything (Duet.10:14; Ex.19:5; 9:29; Ps.24:1; Ps.50:10-12).

II. We cannot serve God and mammon [money, property, possessions: whatever the world counts as gain- lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, and the pride of life] (Mt.6:19-24).

III. Giving increases our dedication to God (Mt.6:21).

IV. God is well pleased when we give (Heb.13:16).

V. We must give to those who are in need (Pr.19:17; Acts 20:35; Gal.2:10; 2Cor.8:14).

VI. Through giving we learn to fear God (Duet.14:22,23).

VII. Giving must be in proportion to our income and other blessings we have received from God (1Cor.16:2; 2Cor.8:3,12).

VIII. Giving must be voluntary and generous (Ex.25:1-2; Lev.19:5; 2Chr.24:8-11; Phlm.14; 2Cor.8:1-5, 8-12), in the same spirit that Jesus Christ gave Himself for us (2Cor.8:9).

IX. More important to God than the monetary value of the gift is the sacrifice involved (Lk.21:1-4).

X. Giving must be done cheerfully (2Cor.9:7; Ex.25:2; 35:21-39; 2Chr.24:10).

XI. Everyone must make an offering (Ex.23:15), whether large or small, because in some way God has blessed us (Duet.16:17).

XII. Giving must be done quietly without fanfare (Rom.12:8).

XIII. Giving is to be done with regularity at the church (1Cor.16:1).

XIV. Giving is a grace that we are to “abound in” (2Cor.8:7-15).

XV. Giving is evidence of abiding in God’s love (1Jn.3:17).



I. Everything we have is from God (Job 1:21; Jn.3:27; 1Cor.4:7). Tithing is only returning to God a portion of what He has already given us.

II. “Tithe” literally means a tenth part. a tithe is ten percent of all that God has blessed us with (Gen.28:22; Pr.3:9-10).

III. Tithing precedes the Mosaic Law (Gen.14:18-20).

IV. Tithes are holy unto the Lord and are not to be tampered with (Lev.27:30-33).

V. Tithes are used for the support of the priesthood (Num.18:21-23; Neh.10:37; Heb.7:1-10). We must share our blessings with those that teach us the Word, not only with money , but in “all good things” (Gal.6:6).

The priesthood includes;
A. High priests who conduct worship (Num.18:1-7),
B. Maintenance workers for the tabernacle and its contents (Num.1:50;
2Chr.34:12,13; Ezra 3:8,9),
C. Treasury workers (1Chr.9:26; 2Chr.24:5,11),
D. Teachers (Duet.33:10; 2Chr.17:8,9),
E. Singers and Musicians (1Chr.23:5),
F. Officers and Judges (1Chr.23:4),
G. Overseers (2Chr.34:12,13).

VI. The disciple must trust in God’s provision (Mt.10:10; Lk.10:7,8).

VII. If the tithes were redeemed, taken back and converted to money, a fifth was to be added (Lev.27:31). The law of the firstborn called for the tithe of their first fruits, but the firstborn of man and the firstborn of
unclean beasts were to be redeemed (Num.18:15).

VIII. Tithes of the tithes were taken from and given back to the high priests (Num.18:26-32).

IX. Special tithes were used to help the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow (Duet.14:28,29; 26:12-15; Amos 4:4).

X. Tithes are to be given without delay (Ex.22:29).


I. Building fund offerings are to be given freely, and abundantly even to the point of being too much (Ex.35:20-29; 36:3-7).

II. Maintenance offerings are to be generously given (2Kings 12:9,10; 2Chr.31:5-19).


I. Giving activates the work of God in our financial affairs (Pr.28:27; Duet.15:7,8,10,11).

II. When people become selfish towards God they suffer financial difficulties (Hag.1:3-6; Mal.3:9-12).

III. God rewards us according to how we have given to Him (Duet.15:4; 2Chr.9:6; 15:7; Pr.11:24; 13:7; 14:22; 21:26; 22:9; Eccl.11:1: Isa.32:8; Mal.3:10-12; Mt.19:21; Lk.6:38; 1Tim.6:18,19; 2Cor.9:16).

Principles Of Christian Giving

X. Giving must be done cheerful Arial Ex.25:2; 35:21-39;

XI. Everyone must make an offering (Ex.23:15), whether large or small.