Promoting Outreach

Promoting Outreach
Brian Norman

Following is how I suggest promoting peoples participation in the scheduled outreach. This method has proven very effective at getting record turnouts at churches for outreach.

2 Weeks Prior To the Meetings Beginning

* Take 10 Minutes in the Sunday Night Service to Promote the Outreach
* Tell the congregation about the results God has graced me with in previous meetings I have held
* Explain to the congregation how that by each of them participating in outreach we will insure two things:
1. That more visitors will be there to receive the Holy Ghost during the revival
2. That by them sowing seed unto God by doing outreach the miraculous power of God will be in the services
* Inform them the outreach will start Saturday at 10 am
* GUARANTEE that we will done by noon (stress this)
* Place a Sign-Up Sheet Out for people to Sign Up

Every Service before Revival

* Briefly and Quickly Bring Up the Outreach
* Promote done at noon…guaranteed
* Mention Signing Up
* Keep total promotion of this type less than 2 minutes

Last Service Before Revival Begins

* Ask everyone in the congregation who can walk to stand up
* Tell them they are qualified to do outreach
* Inform them they will not be talking to people from scratch
* Tell them it starts at 10 am
* GUARANTEE them we will done by noon.
* Ask them to now praise God for what He is going to do during the outreach and the revival.

This article “Promoting Outreach” by Brian Norman is excerpted from: Used by permission. January 2011. It may be used for study & research purposes only.