Proposal for a World Evangelism-Driven Church

Proposal for a World Evangelism-Driven Church
David Mays


The ultimate aim of the Church is the Glory of God in All the Earth. A world evangelism-driven church states it front and center in the purpose statement. World evangelism is the overarching theme that gives focus and direction to all subordinate purposes and ministries. It is necessary to be explicit and persistent to help people think globally because people naturally look inward, not outward. Inertia and selfishness always draw us. People cannot be expected to interpret or extrapolate on their own.

1. Priority of world evangelism.

God loves the whole world. The church must do the same. We begin with people in our personal sphere and extend our influence in expanding concentric circles to the unreached people groups of the world.

2. Leadership reflects a local and global passion.

Winning the world to Jesus Christ is the concern of every staff member. Each staff member leads reflects the priority world evangelism in his or her ministry. Staff members and elders are personally involved in both local and world evangelism.

3. Spiritual development is evaluated in terms of world evangelism.

As we introduce people to Christ and help them develop as his followers we instruct them in the personal sacrifice and world perspective that this includes.

4. The church exhibits a global ethos.

The look, sound, feel, and atmosphere of the church  its programs, ministries, and decoration convey � an integrated awareness of a global church with a global purpose in a global context. People of all ages and all levels of spiritual development sense this.

5. Congregational involvement is comprehensive.

A large proportion of the church are personally involved in local evangelism and cross-cultural outreach, going on mission trips, giving, and in many other ways contributing to outreach. This norm is communicated in the membership class and all ministries for all ages of church participants and all spiritual development levels.

6. Disciple formation reflects world vision.
Our vision to deploy others includes preparing our people to develop spiritual relationships within our own culture and other cultures. Spiritual formation includes steps toward preparing and sending missionaries.

7. World evangelism is strategic, not sporadic.

Teaching and programming lead to investing ourselves in the strategic people and places God gives us as priorities.

8. Partner with other churches and ministries.

Effectiveness in outreach comes with synergistic linkage with other churches and organizations. We also help churches that are developing a heart for the world. We lead by serving.

The above article, “Proposal for a World Evangelism-Driven Church” is written by David Mays. The article was excerpted from July 2002.

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