Tim Massengale

Date ___________________

Hi! My name is ____________ and I’m from QUEST INTERNATIONAL. We are doing a public opinion survey on what people think about Religion here in the area. May I ask you a few questions? It will only take a few minutes.

1. Do you believe in GOD?_________ Do you consider yourself a CHRISTIAN?______________________________________________________________

2. Do you believe the Bible is GOD’S WORD?________ WHY?_________________

3. Do you think that God is the same YESTERDAY, TODAY & FOREVER (in other words, that God does not change?)_________________________________

4. God used and dealt with people in very great ways in the Old and New Testaments. Do you feel He is still USING & DEALING with folks today?__________________________________________________________________

5. The Bible says that in the LAST DAYS God will poor out His Spirit upon all flesh. Do you feel that we are in the LAST DAYS?________ Do you feel that the Lord is pouring His HOLY SPIRIT upon all who want it today?__________________________________________________________________

6. Do you believe in DIVINE MIRACLES today?_________ WHY?_______________

7. Do you believe in DIVINE HEALING for today?________________ Again, WHY?____________________________________________________________________

8. Society today faces many problems. Do you believe that if someone WISHED God to, He could deliver them the addiction of:
Alcohol__________ Drugs_________ Smoking________ Depression__________ Sin?________________

9. The Bible says we must all stand before the Judgement Seat of God. Are you certain that if the Lord came today, you would be ready to meet Him? ___________________________________________________________________

10. Have you ever felt a desire to know MORE of God’s Word and what His will is for YOUR life?__________

That is the end of the QUEST survey. I thank you VERY much for your cooperation. By the way, QUEST is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people know more about the Bible. They are offering the folks in this area the opportunity to have a free Bible Study course right in their own homes. It is non-denominational, totally free, you will never be asked to join a church. It is simply QUESTS desire that everyone that wishes to know more of the Word of God, would have the opportunity to do so. Would you be interested in such a study?

**Trained Instructors** 10-Lessons**Approx. 4-5 Min. Long**

NAME________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________
PHONE__________________ How many in household Approx. Age (You Estimate)

Have A Nice Day!!!


A. Materials that you will need

1. Survey Forms.
2. Clipboard or binder and pen.
3. QUEST survey badge (Purchase from Home Missions Dept.).
4. Casual yet professional dress (Sport coat and no tie).

B. How to conduct a survey

1. Obtain a location from your QUEST director.
2. Remember: Results are in proportions to area income level.
3. Saturday Morning between 10:30 and 1:00 are best times.
4. Name and address is needed only if study is obtained.
5. Always SMILE! Act courteous regardless of response.
6. Do NOT argue on any answer. You are ONLY taking a survey.
7. Leave a Bible Study flyer at every home.
8. Plan to spend at least 2 hours in ACTUAL DOOR KNOCKING. Don’t let the devil tell you it’s a “bad area”. No such thing!

C. How to give the survey

1. Memorize the introductory statement.
2. All capitalized words should be emphasized with a “pause” before saying.
3. Read and speak s-l-o-w-l-y!
4. Look them in the eye on question “10.”
5. Memorize (as best as possible) the conclusion, especially what is in bold & italics.
6. If they hesitate in giving an answer, “sell it” a bit.