Quest International Survey Results

Quest International Survey Results

This is the results of the Quest International Survey taken in the Porter Texas area. Thank you for your cooperation.

1. Do you believe in GOD? Yes 100% Do you consider yourself a Christian? Yes 90% No 10%

2. Do you believe the Bible is GOD’S WORD? Yes 92% No 8%

3. Do you think that God is the same YESTERDAY, TODAY, & FOREVER ( in other words, that God does not change?) Yes 100%

4. God used and dealt with people in very great ways in the old and new testaments. Do you feel He is still USING & DEALING with folks today? Yes 100%

5. The Bible says that in the LAST DAYS God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. Do you feel that we are in the LAST DAYS? Yes 70% No 30%
Do you feel that the Lord is pouring His HOLY SPIRIT upon all who want it today? Yes 100%

6. Do you believe in DIVINE MIRACLES today? Yes 80% No 20%

7. Do you believe in DIVINE HEALING for today? Yes 80% No 20%

8. Society today faces many problems. Do you believe that if someone WISHED God to, He could deliver them from the addiction of Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Depression and Sin? Yes 100%

9. The Bible says we must all stand before the Judgment Seat of God. Are you certain that if the Lord came today, you would be ready to meet him? Yes 70% No 30 %

10. Have you ever felt a desire to know MORE of Gods word and what His will is for YOUR life? Yes 95% No 5%

Quest International Survey is offering FREE Home Bible Study courses to anyone wishing to know more about God’s Word. We have two different studies that are non-denominational. If you would be interested in either study, please contact your Home Bible Study Coordinator at 354-3133.

April 24,1981


This letter represents official recognition and endorsement by the World Evangelism Center of the “Quest International Survey.” This survey has been constructed as an international project and conducted and administrated by local representatives of the World Evangelism Center.

Endorsement herein mentioned is in respect to the project and its organizational relation.

Very respectfully,

General Superintendent
United Pentecostal Church International