Reaching Bus Ministry Parents

Author Unknown

I. Intend to win and get bus parents in church.

II. You must believe you can win them.

III. Never loose the reality that each bus kid and bus parent will spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell.

IV. Develop a rapport with each bus parent.

V. Set a goal for bus parents you intend to reach each year. A goal gives you something to work towards.

VI. Pray for the salvation of your bus riders and their families.

VII. Form a “Sweetheart List” of bus parents that show the slightest interest.

A. Look at the list each day so you will develop a greater burden.

B. Pray over the list each day.

C. Contact them consistently with:

1. Visits

2. Phone calls

3. Letters

D. Have the Bus Director call on them too.

E. Keep it up until they get saved and into church.

VIII.Use attendance campaipns as an incentive to invite parents to the church service.

IX. Use any family sickness, accidents, death or problems as an opportunity to minister to them. You may reach them at a time of great need in their lives.

X. Use “Parent Sunday” as an incentive to invite parents to the services note: This will he explained in detail later.

Xl. Fear not the difficult cases.

XII. Keep on praying and working until you reach them.

“Reaching Bus Ministry Parents”. Author Unknown.