James Bigelow

As a 21-year old, I enlisted in the Air Force as a viable alternative to being drafted into the Army. I love my country and served gladly. One of my requirements as a new recruit was to learn how to handle firearms safely and fire a rifle with a specified degree of accuracy so as to be ready in case we were called upon for combat duty. After being taught how to disassemble, clean, reassemble, carry a rifle and load the ammo, I went to the firing range. There, targets were set up and I ‘sighted’ my weapon. When all was ready, I was told to take careful aim at a point just beneath the `bulls-eye’ and then gradually tighten up on the trigger as I brought the sights in line with the place I wished to place the bullet. Just as the spot came into view, I fired. Although I had not used a firearm before joining the military, I received a marksman award, which I proudly pinned on my uniform.

If you want to experience first-hand the fire of Holy Ghost revival on a foreign mission field as an Associate in Missions (AIM) worker, you need to get ready by enlisting in the service of the Lord.


Put on the whole armor of God and be ready always because you never know when you will be called into active service. As a good soldier of Jesus Christ, be willing to endure hardness where you are now stationed. Obey them that have the rule over you and submit yourself to them, for they watch for your soul.

Readiness preparation for an AIM worker means being faithful where you are because the field is the world and the harvest is white. Get involved in worship, in giving to support foreign missions, in personal soul-winning efforts and in teaching a Sunday school class or a home Bible study.

In God’s timing, tell your pastor of your burden and ask for his blessing. At, you can fill out an AIM application and learn more about this exciting adventure.


A number from Oregon have already been there and done that. They will be happy to advise you of the process and talk about their experiences. Our son, David Bigelow, enrolled in the mid ’90s, took a crash course in the Russian Language, and went to Belarus. In more recent years, Michelle Warren served under Missionary Tuttle in the Netherlands. David Reynolds has labored often as a short-term missionary helper. Brian and Cora Huffman and their three children will soon be embarking on a two-month tem’ to assist the Sponslers in Argentina. Your partnership with them will be greatly appreciated. Donations are accepted at FM Div, 8855 Dunn Rd, Hazelwood MO 63042. Earmark your funds for Account # 120872.


The AIM program has grown to over 250 active participants. AIMers assist with building projects, type, teach Bible studies, do plumbing and electrical work, preach, distribute tracts, home-school MKs, run presses…AIMers can do just about anything! If you are 18 or older and can spare 2-12 months and want to be involved in a God-venture guaranteed to change your life, check into Associates in Missions! You are sure to return home fired up! Get ready, AIM…Fire!

This article “Ready…AIM…Fire!” by James Bigelow was excerpted from: The Oregon Apostolic Accent magazine, pg. 11, September 2009. It may be used for study & research purposes.