Real Talk for Real People (Newsletter 3-4)

Real Talk for Real People by Amberlin Salas

In a world that has blurred the lines and has succeeded at spreading confusion with double standards and double talk, there is a need to keep it real. Real Talk, written by Amberlin Salas, speaks to the day-to-day needs of the readers and helps them succeed in living for God. It’s real talk for real people. “My own need for simple and clear material inspired me to write this book,” said Sis. Salas. “I personally worked out and applied everything in the book for myself first and when I realized how effective the principles were, I felt it would be a benefit for others.”

She is married to Ray Salas, a licensed UPCI minister, and they have one daughter, Analia. Bro. Salas serves as the Alabama Youth Secretary, and they are the student pastors of Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Greenville, Alabama where Sis. Salas also serves as the church’s minister of music. “Ray and I have been married 5 1/2 years and have been serving in ministry together since marriage,” she said. “We love spending time together as a family and love the fact that our lives are centered around the kingdom of God.”

Real Talk is geared toward teens and young adults but could work for anyone. “There is so much in our society that attempts to distract people,” the author explained. “I know because it has happened to me more than once. I felt that if teens could learn the correct and Biblical way to approach God and build a relationship with Him, they would be more apt to serve Him out of love and be able to withstand any distraction or weight. The book covers every basic aspect of life as it relates to God’s plan. It includes our purpose, doctrine, identity in Him, learning who He is, and daily steps to reach the desired level of relationship in Him. These steps include prayer, devotion, praise and a desire to be extraordinary.”

Sis. Salas said the book can be used to teach from or can be used by individual students for personal devotion. “Currently in the making is a teacher’s guide and outline,” she explained, “as well as a personal journal that will connect with both the book and the teacher’s guide. This journal will contain chapter by chapter questions for students to fill in as well as blank pages for personal thoughts and reflection and can be used for Sunday school or youth services.”

Real Talk has received rave reviews, and the results have been encouraging. “I have had several individuals both young and old alike read the book and relay to me that a renewed sense of purpose came to them,” said Sis. Salas. “Personally, I have given the book to unsaved relatives, friends and new students in our youth group. Because of its simple nature, the fact that it covers the entire plan of salvation, and because it gives daily steps for success makes it a great resource for everyone regardless of their age or years they have been serving God.”

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Transcribed by: Gregg Stone