Remember. . .You Can be a Good Witness for Jesus


By: Evangelist Bill D. Norman

Let us consider the WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHO of the Paper Witness…Gospel Tracts.

WHAT is a Gospel Tract? It is the Gospel of Christ written on a piece of paper.

Usually two or more pages on both sides 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. The simple plan of salvation is presented in plain and understandable words, where boys and girls and adults alike, can read it and be saved.

WHERE can a Gospel Tract Go? It can go ANYWHERE in the world. It can go where preachers and teachers of the Bible (God’s infallible word) can not go. It can be printed in every language. It has no fear of anyone or any thing in theworld.

It can be published by anyone in the world. Once read by anyone, they CANNOT get away from the truth, they just read. That is the POWER of the written Word of God. They tan destroy the Gospel Tract but NOT THE CONVICTION brought about by reading the Gospel in written form. A Gospel Tract can tell the GOOD NEWS that Christ died for sinners in places where a personal witness would be rejected and refused. A Gospel Tract can silently enter homes where there is family problems, discouragement’s, job problems, loneliness, physical and mental problems, marriage problems, disappointments and hundreds of other problems that come about because of the absence of Christ in personal salvation.

A Gospel Tract can be carried into Shops, on construction sites, Factories, on training camps of Military Services of the U.S.A, into all U.S. Governmental Offices, into Laundromats, Sporting Arenas, to Garage Sales, County Fairs, Law Offices, Court Houses, Airports, Gas Stations, Restrooms of ALL PUBLIC BUILDINGS, in Cafes, Restaurants, on to the Campuses of ALL COLLEGES (after all,there has to be freedom here to express opinions, those even that concern the Bible, God’s Word.), Doctor Offices and all Shopping Centers across America.

Anywhere where God’s folks work Gospel Tracts can be carried and distributed.

The Gospel Tract can travel by all means of transportation: car, bus, bicycle, taxi, motorcycle, train, airplane, boat, ski, truck, rocket, tank and snowmobile.

The Gospel Tract travels; airways, waterways, spaceways, highways, avenues, streets, lanes, alleys and footpaths in the hills, valleys and mountains.

The Gospel Tract can be m mailed anywhere in the world where there is mail service. Gospel Tracts can be mailed one at a time, by the hundreds, by the thousands and by tons to other Christians around the world to be distributed to the lost who know not Christ. A Gospel Tract cannot be cussed, embarrassed or harassed to lose it’s power or effectiveness as an individual might. It is not “sensitive” of being mistreated, misused or abused as an individual might be.

The Gospel Tract will not answer or reply in such a manner as to bring a reproach upon the Gospel of Christ when UNDER FIRE, as an individual might.

The Gospel Tract ALWAYS stays on the subject of salvation and Christ dying for sinners; and is not sidetracked into chasing rabbits (other subjects as, “Where did Cain Get His Wife and etc.) A Gospel Tract keeps on telling the GOOD NEWS that Christ died for sinners over and over and over without being silenced.

WHERE can you place or put a Gospel Tract? Start where you are, in your home.

Put a Gospel Witness (Tract) in ALL bills you Pay. Utility Companies put “Stuffers” in the bill they send you, SO send them a “stuffer” in the form of aGospel Tract. When you receive unsolicited (you did not request for it mail) mail with apostage-paid envelope enclosed; send a Gospel Tract in it. When you send

Birthday,Anniversary, Christmas, Get-Well or any kind of special card, put a Gospel Tract in it. Put Gospel Tracts in open car windows (never under wiper blades).

Pick out several phone booths in your area and keep them supplied with Gospel Track (Just one tract to a booth). If you are in business, put a Gospel Tract in your Invoices. Churches should supply ALL Church Visitation workers with Gospel

Tracts with their name and address on them. Many will take a Tract that will not let you in or even talk with you. Always leave a sizable tip and a Gospel Tract for

Waitresses (leave one inch of the Bill sticking out of the Tract). Visit your local Airport and place tracts in all the Pay Phones. Stop at Truck Stops and place Gospel tracts at the trucker’s pay phone area and restrooms and shower area. REMEMBER TO DO LlTTER, BE WISE AND PLACE YOUR TRACTS WISELY! Hospital and Doctor waiting rooms. Bus Stations and Train Stations. Pick out an area in your city and go DOOR to DOOR just putting a Gospel Tract in the DOOR (you can place a Gospel

Witness in 300 houses in about three to four hours). Keep a good record of the house you have placed tracts in. When traveling stop at all Rest Areas on the highway and put Gospel Tracts in the restrooms and eating areas. REMEMBER YOU can become an effective WITNESS for Christ if YOU WORK at it. This is something for Christ YOU can ABSOLUTELY Do! If you are a shut-in, can not drive a car and get out or feel your effort would not be effective, STOP NOW FEELING SORRY FOR YOUR SELF AND LET THE LORD USE YOU AS A WITNESS. Get your Phone Book and start mailing a Gospel Tract every day to someone in your area. Just address the envelope (do not put your return address on it) and mail the Gospel Tract.

Pray for each person that you mail a Gospel Tract to that they will be saved or spiritually helped.

If you wish you can put your return address on the envelope but you might get many phone talk you can not handle property for the Lord. This will be up to you. First Class Mail at 25 cents will cost you $7.30 a month or $91.20 a year. This is a great mission endeavor to reach 365 folks a year with THE Gospel of Christ. We spend more than this foolishly every year. Let us invest in SOULS.

Matthew 6:3 “But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:” Do not take the credit that belongs to the Lord. There is JOY in just having a part in reaching the lost sinner for Jesus Christ. With each Gospel Tract passed out you are laying up treasure in Heaven.

WHEN can a Gospel Tract be given out? They can be passed out ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and ANYPLACE regardless of situations or circumstances. In fact, right now some Christian is passing out a Gospel Tract somewhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 dates of the year. The hope of salvation to many wilt only be found in the written Word of God in Gospel Tract form. The Gospel Tract works and witnesses while we are asleep. As the Seed of THE is sown through Gospel Tracts, this witness will continue long after the Lord calls us Home. Each day you distribute a Gospel Tract you are planting SEED that will produce salvation.

WHO can use and distribute Gospel Tracts? ANYONE regardless of age, education, health, ability, race, color, job status, married single, language barrier or THE handicap. ANY BELIEVER tan be a witness and soul-winner through sowing the Gospel Seed in tract form.

REMEMBER, a Gospel witness either by a personal witness or a Gospel Tract witness NEVER returns void. Once read the POWER OF THE WORD brings conviction.

Every Christian in the world can witness DAILY for Christ by passing out, mailing, distributing and giving ONE Gospel Tract to someone EVERYDAY. Jesus did not save us just to keep us out of hell! Jesus saved us to get joy and pleasure out of our lives and Jesus get joy and pleasure out of us when WE are witnessing to others of the Great Salvation that is in Jesus Christ.

We all should count it a joy to give out a GOSPEL TRACT everyday until we die or until the Rapture I know every believer wants to receive a “Soul-Winners’ Crown” when they stand before Christ, their Saviour, at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Continuing Success in your DAILY WITNESS FOR JESUS CHRIST.

You can start witnessing now by having a Salvation tract sent to someone you are interested in being saved or spiritually helped. Send a Salvation tract tomy concerned at the following addresses:

STATE_______________________ ZIP__________________



__Free copies of this tract.
__Free tract on Eternal Security.
__Free tract on Baptism.
__Free tract on Church Membership.
__Free tract on “God’s Will For Me.”

P.O. Box 14126
Ft. Worth, TX 76ll7

(The above is a copy of a tract published by Revival Through the Bible.)

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