Remuneration & Agreement Statement

By Pastor Arthur E. Hodges III

It is the desire of Pastor Arthur E. Hodges III that the Kingdom of God advance spiritually and numerically and that the Church will prosper in
the will of God.

This Remuneration Statement is an effort to provide the opportunity to work full-time for God to those invited to be a part thereof. It is not to be construed as a “contract” between persons but rather a statement of intent from Pastor Arthur E. Hodges III and those invited to be a part of his remuneration plan towards full-time ministry. The funding for this plan is the money that is solely controlled by Pastor Hodges (tithes of the assembly) and is only available as long as Pastor Arthur E. Hodges III is pastor of South Bay United Pentecostal Church and in control of the tithes of the assembly.

The remuneration received shall be at the discretion of Pastor Arthur E. Hodges III.

All recipients invited to participate shall work within these guidelines, be members in good standing with South Bay United Pentecostal Church, live a life within the Constitution and By-laws of
South Bay United Pentecostal Church, and demonstrate complete loyalty to the pastor.

All Pastoral Staff members wishing to take part in this remuneration plan shall have executed the “Pastoral Staff Agreement” and accepted this “Remuneration Statement”.

Be it understood that any remuneration plan may be amended, added to, or deleted as the pastor deems necessary with proper notice of at least 30 days.



a. An amount equal to 40% of an individual’s tithe shall be given to the Pastoral Staff member personally responsible for their salvation and discipleship.

b. An amount equal to 20% of an individual’s tithe shall be given to the Pastoral Staff member from referral or assignment.

c. An amount equal to 10% of an individual’s tithe shall be placed into a Pastoral Staff pool, and divided equally among participating Pastoral Staff.


a. (40%) Person(s) personally won to God through personal contact, Home Bible Study, personal invitation to church, etc. b. (20%) Visitors who have been assigned on a rotating basis to those Pastoral Staff members present at that service, or assigned by the pastor, who are won to God and discipled.

3. These monies will be disbursed after the Ist of the month upon approval by the pastor.

4. The pastor shall mediate any dispute regarding persons or funds and his decision shall be final.

I have read and do agree with this statement and will do my best to comply with its principles and the decisions of Pastor Arthur E. Hodges III.

Signed: _________________________________

Dated: __________________________________