Rest Home Ministry

Rest Home Ministry
Greetings, Bro. Meek:

Having taught for a number of years in rest homes myself, I can identify with what you are saying. I, too, struggled with wondering if I was accomplishing anything or truly doing the Lord’s work. The following suggestions are something you might consider:

1. Rest home ministry is both evangelism and benevolence. Jesus clearly told us to reach out to the elderly, blind, lame, and sick and minister to them. So, even at this basic level, we are accomplishing the Lord’s work. Never forget that when we ‘give a cup of water in My name’ we have done it unto Him. We must pray daily to ‘not be weary in well doing, for if we faint not, we shall reap.’

2. Apply the concept of ‘target evangelism’ to your resthome ministry.
Select 5-6 residents and target them to see them saved. The chief criteria for selecting a person should be a sharp mind. Then, once selected, pray for them each day. Speak to them each week. Get to know them. Talk to them about their past, likes and dislikes. Build a relationship, make a friend.

Then, after you feel the prompting of the Holy Ghost, talk to them about their soul just like you would do with anyone who was lost.

3. Set up a time to visit your target group apart from your Sunday service.

Sit down with them and ask them if you can teach them a Home Bible Study. Take a simple, short study and teach them the plan of salvation. Ask them it they would like to be baptized. Pray with them to receive the Holy Ghost.

4. Select one or two of the nursing home staff to add to your ‘target group.’ Use the same approach: talk to them each week. Build a friendship, a relationship. Then invite them to church. Offer to teach a home Bible study. Reach for their soul.

Rest home ministry provides a unique opportunity to reach out, in a clearly spiritual way, to individuals that are still mentally aware of their soul’s condition. They see you as a minister. Don’t be afraid to be one. For those who’s mind has gone, you are there in a benevolence capacity. Show God’s love. But I have yet to be in a rest home that there was not a number of individuals who’s body required them to he there, but who’s mind was still alert and sharp, and were VERY open to talk about their eternity. Believe me, they think about it every day. They know their time is short and will soon meet the Lord. Help them make their salvation ‘an election sure.’

— AIS Evangelism ‘Expert’