Revival Through Altar Ministry

Revival Through Altar Ministry

Previous chapters have given the essentials for effective altar ministry. We have learned that altar work encompasses more than just the end of the service. Effective altar workers begin their work even before the worship service opens. Altar service starts with the first event of a church service and crescendos to the actual altar call and altar prayer.

Effective altar ministry must be present to have sustained revival. It brings results in many areas. For example, there will be increased numbers of people repenting, being baptized, and receiving the Holy Ghost. Much of this type of spiritual activity takes place during the altar service.

Effective altar ministry brings greater results for the existing membership. While new people may be praying through to the Holy Ghost, for others there can be healing and deliverance. This simply illustrates that an altar service reaches out to everyone.
Effective altar ministry provides a strengthening for new converts and veteran saints alike. Nothing stirs up the Holy Ghost in someone more than praying with sinners at the altar. It reassures new converts that God’s presence with them. They develop habits and techniques beneficial to other areas of living for God.

For veteran saints, the altar service provides a time of refreshing and renewal. By giving their time and energy for others, it helps them become less self-centered. In addition, working at the altar helps attitudes and increases spiritual desire.

Finally, effective altar ministry benefits the entire church family. By working together at the altar, saints develop closeness and unity they otherwise might not have. Furthermore, it helps to lessen tensions that can develop over a period of time. It’s hard to harbor feelings against someone you have worked with side by side in the trenches of spiritual warfare. The long-range result is a stronger love and unity.

Altar work is just that: work. If done effectively, benefits will abound for both the church family and the individual believer. Effective altar ministry must be a part of every revival-centered church.

May you become an effective altar minister.

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