Sample Job Description-Christian School Department

Sample Job Description-Christian School Department
Bro. Richard Hull
United Pentecostal Church – 1988

Job Purpose

To administer and motivate the Christian School in a manner that will result in academic and spiritual growth for the students and individuals participating. Major focus will be placed on quality
instruction, spiritual growth, and good staff relationships. In focusing upon these, you will assist in accomplishing the main task of the Christian school, this being, to bring up young people in the
nurture and admonition of the Lord, both mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Job Qualifications

1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.
2. Must meet the qualifications for church membership.
3. Must be loyal to the Pastor.
4. Must be willing to work in harmony with others.
5. Must carry a burden for the Christian School ministry.
6. Must be able to instill enthusiasm with excitement.
7. Must be able to lead and motivate young people.
8. Must be a lover of the souls of children and youth.
9. Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties of the Christian School.
10. Must have a knowledge of the operation/functions of the Christian School Ministry.
11. Must have completed the Administrator’s Training offered by Accelerated Christian Education.

Job Responsibilities

** Shall have total oversight and promote the well being of the Christian School ministry under the direction of the Pastor. Shall seek to implement all duties with tact, zeal, dedication, and love.

** Shall assume the responsibility to interview parents and prospective students desiring to enter the school, and at his discretion, with the advice of the Pastor, accept or reject the prospective student.

** Shall be responsible to interview and hire sufficient staff to operate the school, under the direction and approval of the Pastor.

** Shall be responsible for every class, activity, function, and service relative to the school.

** Shall consult and inform the Pastor in regards to plans and projects relative to the school.

** Shall stay abreast of all facets of the Christian School movement from the district and national level in order to implement all helpful programs and procedures into the school and to be aware
of all educational trends on the national level.

** Shall chair the weekly school staff meeting, preparing an agenda for the benefit of expediting matters to be discussed.

** Shall present to the Pastor at the Monthly Council meeting the upcoming calendar events.

** Shall serve as the pastor’s representative and offer suggestions and give advice to school students.

** Shall be responsible to maintain a high standard of Christian attitudes, dress, conduct and discipline in the school.

** Shall serve as a catalyst to the school promoting morale and encouraging success.

** Shall be responsible for organizing and implementing the annual graduation ceremony.

** Shall plan an annual Awards Banquet for the benefit of presenting and rewarding those students who displayed outstanding achievement.

** Shall work with the Pastor in planning various school programs to involve the church with the school.

** Shall hold various fund raising activities for the benefit of the school program.

** Shall be responsible to oversee the publication of the school annual and to update yearly the school handbook.

** Shall promote the school within the community to encourage maximum enrollment. Work closely with the Pastor in this.

Other Duties

** Shall endeavor to not schedule any departmental activities on Monday night. Monday will be known as “Family Night” and all church members are encouraged to stay home with their families on this night.

** Shall be an example to the church in soulwinning by being continually involved in the Home Bible Study Ministry, or some other form of outreach ministry.

** Shall be an example to the church in spiritual growth by coming at least one-half hour before each service to pray.

** Shall be an example to the church in faithfulness by attending all church services and functions.

** Shall attend all Annual Planning Retreats and Monthly Departmental Planning Councils.

** If unable to attend because of an emergency, shall inform the Pastor in advance and endeavor to have a substitute attend in your place.

** Shall hand in an official monthly report at the Monthly Staff Council.

** Shall perform additional duties as required.

Organizational Relationships

The Christian School Director is responsible directly to the Pastor. Each year, the Pastor and Christian School Director will review this Job Description, update and improve to make more
applicable to the position. Accountability shall consist of a monthly report of all Christian School activities and upcoming events. The Christian School Director is responsible for all interdepartmental staff and personnel. The director shall work closely with all departments, but especially with Public Relations. Evaluation of performance of this position shall be performed by the Pastor on an annual basis.

Training and Development

** Shall attend A.C.E. Regional Convention
** Attend administrators training in Lewisville.

Job Goals for the year of 19–

** Begin morning teachers prayer/devotion.
** Start a school choir.
** Explore possibility of offering a “computer science” elective.
** Increase enrollment to 50 students.
** Develop Job Descriptions for all interdepartmental positions.