Sample Job Description

Sample Job Description- Adult Sunday School Teacher
Community Church


Job Summary
Teachers contribute greatly to the spiritual health of Community Church. They model the Christian faith to those who sit under them, and they facilitate growth by passing on the stories and information that make us—God’s people—who we are. These teachers serve across many levels of age and spiritual maturity. Since they function in smaller settings, teachers are often on the exciting (and challenging) “front lines” of discipleship.

Term of Service
Sunday schools teachers are volunteers. They serve for (1) the academic year (September—May); (2) the summer term (June—August); or (3) both. Community Church’s Christian education committee coordinates teachers and teaching assignments.

Sunday school teachers report to the Christian education committee, which is chaired by Community Church’s pastor of discipleship.

Scripture explains that teachers fulfill a critical role in the life of God’s people. They serve as examples in both knowledge and faith. They are to be held in the highest regard. Like other leaders at Community Church, teachers must commit to the highest standards of Christian living. In accordance with Community Church guidelines for leaders, teachers are encouraged to join a fellowship group during their term of service.

Essential Functions
* Oversee a community of men and women interested in a specific topic, cultivating community and spiritual support within this group
* Prepare for each class by spending time in study, prayer, and planning
* Plan and present a 30-minute lesson for each week’s class; include a time for discussion within each lesson plan (or, with the approval of the pastor of discipleship, schedule an outside speaker to come to your class)
* Coordinate a time of singing and prayer each week
* Build relationships with each person in your class
* Develop relationships among members of your class and coordinate one to two outside-of-church gatherings for your group (e.g., Christmas party; group outing, etc.)
* Participate in the pre-semester planning session one month prior to beginning your term of service
* Be present and prepared to teach for at least 90 percent of the classes during your term of service. Work out any scheduling conflicts with the pastor of discipleship.
* Submit a semester’s-end evaluation to the Christian education committee


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