Sample Letter of Transfer

By Tim Massengale

To whom it may concern or Dear Pastor Smith:

Greetings In Jesus Name!

Please accept this letter of transfer for Sis. Rita Jones. She was a member of our church for 6 years and vas a faithful member in good standing. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to call me. God bless!

Sincerely yours,

Pastor A. E. Thomas
First UPC of Anytown, USA

Obviously, if there were problems with the saint that you felt led to reveal, they could be discussed. However, many feel that such things are best discussed on the phone rather than in visiting because you wouldn’t want to open yourself up to litigation by this saint for any reason. In that case, the letter might say, “She was a member of our church for 6 years. I do, however, have a few concerns that I feel I should discuss with you privately. Please call me at your earliest convenience at: (222) 333-444, preferably after 7 p.m. God bless!