Sample Letter of Welcome to New Choir Member

Sample Letter of Welcome to New Choir Member

February 22, 1994

Dear Bill Scott,

Congratulations on your decision to join the Sanctuary Choir. You are joining the greatest choir in the world! Get prepared to receive the greatest blessings you have ever received, and simultaneously, be a blessing to others.

The ministry you are becoming involved in, is designed to lead the congregation in worship, and musically express the wonderful truths of the Word of God. That means that you have a vital role in the church service. I challenge you to accept this burden with enthusiasm and vow to be the best choir member you can be.

Some ways to be a better choir “minister” are:

1) Prayer- Pray everyday for the choir and for me as your director. Choir prayer time is 30 minutes before any service that you sing. Do not sing in the choir if you have not spent time in prayer.

2) Appearance- Remember, all eyes are on you. Always be sure you are dresses very neatly and well groomed. Let the joy of the Lord shine through.

3) Attendance- If you have a real burden for the choir and the work of God, you will make every effort to attend all choir rehearsals and performances. If you must be absent, call [555-5777].

4) Example- Be an example:

a. in leading in worship during the church service
b. by living what you sing. Let the one you sing about shine through
you at all times.
c. by always building up your church, choir and fellow choir

In closing, I want to welcome you to The Pentecostal Church of Humble Sanctuary Choir. You are involved in a great church. Take advantage of the wonderful opportunity and serve the Lord with your whole heart.


Lindel M. Anderson
Minister of Music