Sample Weekly Report

Sample Weekly Report
By Lindel Anderson

Saturday, August 13, 1:00 Prepared for “Good Kings” Dress Rehearsal 2:00 Dress Rehearsal – “Good Kings”
Worked in office to prepare for staff meeting
6:00 Youth Ensemble Rehearsal
7:30 Played for Youth Revival
Special Music – Youth Ensemble -“Take it Away” & “Worthy of Praise”

Sunday, August 14
8:00 Staff Meeting
9:30 Preparation for “Good Kings”
AM “Good Kings Come in Small Packages” featuring the Music is for Kids Choir After service – Worked with a crew to tear down musical set and prepare sanctuary for tonight’s service.
4:00 Musician’s Rehearsal
4:30 Youth Choir Rehearsal
P.M. Special Music – Youth Choir -“Give Me the Word” & “Shadrach”

Monday, August 15 Day Off

Tuesday, August 16
Worked in office to prepare for week.
Straightened office and put things away from the musical. Taught 4 music lessons.

Wednesday, August 17
Wrote thank you’s to MIFK ’94 Staff Planned tonight’s rehearsal
Practiced with Darla Womack Taught 1 music lesson
Mid-week service – Special Music – Darla Womack, solo “There is a River”
Youth Ensemble Rehearsal – after service

Thursday, August 18
Prepared for tonight’s rehearsal Taught one music lesson.
Prepared to sing in Lumberton.
7:30 Combined Youth & Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Friday, August 19
Prepared to sing in Lumberton in tonight
Practiced with Bobby Womack on bass.
Combined Sanctuary & Youth Choir – Lumberton, TX
“It is Well”, “Face to Face” & “Latter Rain”