Seasons of Prayer (Entire Article)

By Teri Spears

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Pray as if everything depended on God, and work as if everything depended upon man. –Francis Cardinal Spellman


I have been blessed in recent years to live in a region that experiences all four seasons of the year. I find it both fascinating and invigorating. As a child, I was raised in the Deep South, where our seasons consisted of hot or cold. So my move northward was a gratifying change!


Each season and weather change brings its own charm and its own nuisances. With the beauty of flowers in spring, you must also contend with the rain and floods this season brings. Submerged in the beauty of falling leaves is a rake and many garbage bags! Without the dormancy and barrenness of winter, spring would not be possible. Seasons must exist. It is the same with life. The younger years of life hold their own perplexities, as the older years can be enigmatic.


As I reflected over the seasons of my own life, I was impressed with the idea of praying through seasons. Starting with a re-commitment season and working through the entire year.


The following pages will guide you through eight intervals of prayer. As you will see, they correspond with the natural seasons. Commit to give God spans of your time during each season. You will be enriched by this experience.


Enjoy your seasons of prayer!


Seasons of Prayer

Thirty Days of Fresh Commitment


Homeland Restoration


Prayer Prior to Easter


Praying the Promise for the Power of Pentecost
From Easter to Pentecost Sunday


Prayer Doesn’t Take a Vacation


“Fall” on our Knees


Time for Thanksgiving


Never Too Busy to Pray


Seasons of Prayer

30 Days of Fresh Commitment


We all look for fresh beginnings. A time to start over, a time to rectify wrongs. A time to renew obligations. A time to repair broken promises. A time of fresh commitments. It is a wonderful idea to begin the New Year or this season of prayer by separating yourself for thirty days of commitment.


Commitment is not a word embraced by today’s generation. The Webster’s Dictionary says commitment is to entrust, to pledge, or to bind. So a committed Christian is one whom we can trust to be Christ-like or one that is bound to Christ. It is easy for people to say they do not mind commitment, but the truth is most people do not like the idea of something being permanent, something binding. It is human nature to pull against things in our lives that we feel are tying us down.


This applies to many areas of life: jobs, marriages, children, churches, and relationships. But lack of commitment to God is eternally damaging. When we neglect our commitments to spend time in His presence, we miss out on so many wonderful blessings in life. We also leave untapped many sources of personal power. II Timothy 1:12 says, “…he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him…” Blessings are promised to those who are willing to live a committed life. He will enable us to keep our commitments.


It is easy to make a commitment to God during an emotional moment, but not so easy to keep it further down the road when we become busy with other things. As a result of this many people struggle with guilt because they do not maintain their promise to spend more time with God. This can become a vicious cycle. We feel that since we don’t have an hour to spend in prayer, we should just wait until we do find the hour. However, due to the busyness of our lives, for many that hour never comes.


We should not become weary in well doing. Even Peter struggled with commitment issues. He would be living a very committed life and then lose his focus. Because of this, he wasted time and energy finding God’s plan for his life. In spite of Peter’s shortcomings, God still did great things with him. We should be encouraged to know that lie is still willing to work with us. In Luke 22:31-34, we can read about the pitfalls Peter fell into. He talked and boasted when he should have listened and prayed. In verse 54 we read, “And Peter followed afar off.” He lost his fresh commitment at a stressful time in life and followed from afar. Why is it at the most stressful times of life our flesh wants to pull away and start “following afar off’?

This is why times of commitment are so important for us. Don’t be guilty of making the same mistakes Peter made. Let us take time for cleansing and refocusing. A time to get our priorities back in line. A time to draw close. A time of commitment.


The following will give you a thirty-day plan for a time of self-denial and commitment.


30 Days of Fresh Commitment


My personal commitment to 30 days of Prayer & Fasting With the help of the Lord, I purpose before God to spend time in special prayer and fasting during this 30-day period.


Beginning _________________________

Ending ___________________________


I purpose to fast during the 30 day period as indicated below:


Mon. ❑ Breakfast       ❑ Lunch         ❑ Dinner         ❑ All Day

Tues. ❑ Breakfast      ❑ Lunch         ❑ Dinner        ❑ All Day

Wed. ❑ Breakfast       ❑ Lunch         ❑ Dinner        ❑ All Day

Thur. ❑ Breakfast      ❑ Lunch         ❑ Dinner         ❑ All Day

Fri.    ❑ Breakfast      ❑ Lunch         D Dinner         ❑ All Day

Sat.   ❑ Breakfast       ❑ Lunch         ❑ Dinner         ❑ All Day

Sun.  ❑ Breakfast       ❑ Lunch         ❑ Dinner         ❑ All Day


I will purpose to come to the church prayer room/or to my personal closet of prayer to pray as indicated below:


Mon.                Approximate time: ___________________________

Tues.                Approximate time: ___________________________

Wed.               Approximate time: ___________________________

Thurs.              Approximate time: ___________________________

Fri.                   Approximate time: ___________________________

Sat.                  Approximate time: ___________________________

Sun.                 Approximate time: ___________________________


(The following form is an example to use in a local assembly. It is to be filled out and turned in to the Pastor or Prayer Leader.)


  • I will purpose to be in the prayer room prior to each service for church-wide prayer at
  • I will commit to read through I & II Corinthians during this period, and two Psalms daily.
  • During my personal prayer time, I am committed to praying for revival for me personally and for our church and for a great in-gathering of souls!


Signed: ______________________________________


Seasons of Prayer
Homeland Restoration

February – March


George W. Bush made this statement during his presidential campaign, “We are not limited by what we have done, or what we have left undone. We are limited only by what we are willing to do.” Americans are now willing to do their part in protection of their land. President Bush initiated a new Governmental Department entitled “Homeland Security”. Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, Americans have felt the need to protect our nation and its borders like never before. This department operates for the sole purpose of making our homeland secure.


This portion of “Seasons of Prayer” will show what we are willing to do to help bring our homeland back to the principles it was founded on—back to God and a spiritual restoration.


Our United States flag, a living symbol that represents so many things, is a picture of freedom, of rights, of responsibility, and of loyalty. Its thirteen stripes, seven red and six white, represent the original colonies. The blue area represents the union; the stars depict the fifty states. The red of our flag denotes valor and zeal, while the white symbolizes hope and cleanliness of life. Yet America has strayed so far from these founding principles. The word valor means chivalry, which stands for courteous, honorable behavior and personal courage. America, as a whole, has lost its valor and chivalry. From our leaders to our neighbors, we do not see enough courteous or honorable behavior. And cleanliness of lifestyles seems to be only a memory of the past. We need to pray for “Homeland Restoration.” Restoration means to make something look as it looked originally by repairing. Ezekiel 22:30: “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land…” We must bridge the divide between America and God.


The Sunday morning following September 1 1, American churches were full. But it was a short-lived transformation. We must pray for a long-term metamorphosis for our nation. We, as a nation, must turn back to God.


I recently read, with interest, an article on knowing your flag etiquette. The Federal Flag Code has guidelines for proper display and use of the American flag. How can we highly value a piece of cloth and what it stands for and yet blatantly violate the values attached to the flag?


Commit some time from your busy life to help with “Homeland Restoration”.


This section of “Seasons of’ Prayer” is a six-week track to enable us to pray focused prayers for America’s restoration. It will give us an opportunity to spend six continuous weeks “standing in the gap” to awaken Biblical values in our homeland. Let’s secure our homeland with prayer.


On the following pages you will find a list of topics from which to choose your daily focus. There are enough topics listed to spend six weeks praying for “Homeland Restoration”.


When praying with a group, it is a wonderful idea to meet daily for a time of focused prayer. This is also a perfect time to do prayer walks. On the assigned day to pray for law enforcement, you can walk around your local police station and pray for their protection, for wisdom, and against evil influences. When praying for local government officials, walk around your courthouse and pray. Prayer walking at schools can be very rewarding. I recommend that prior to the prayer walk a letter of intent be sent to inform and invite anyone on the premise to join with you if they so desire. After the prayer walk, another letter confirming the time and date you spent praying is effective.


America needs us. Allot this time to “Homeland Restoration”.


Prayers for “Homeland Restoration”


  1. Community unity – Psalm 22:27
  2. Media integrity – Proverbs 4:24-26
  3. Law Enforcement – Psalm 106:3
  4. Broken families – Psalm 146:8-9
  5. Military – Matthew 8:5-11
  6. Neighborhoods Galatians 5:14
  7. Immediate family – Joshua 7:14
  8. Homeless – Psalm 107:41
  9. Prisoners – Psalm 69:32-33
  10. Young people – Psalm 144:12, 15
  11. Racial tension – Romans 3:9a
  12. Men — Genesis 4:26b
  13. Women – Isaiah 32:9-11
  14. Health care-givers — Psalm 41:1-2
  15. Poverty Stricken I John 3:17-18
  16. Unemployed – Isaiah 19:15a
  17. Foreign students – Deuteronomy 31:12
  18. City government officials — Titus 3:1
  19. Children – Mark 10:14-16
  20. Disabled – Isaiah 63:9
  21. Entrepreneur/business owner- Deuteronomy 8:10
  22. Addicted people – Psalm 1 07: 1 3- 1 6
  23. Shut-ins/elderly – Genesis 24:1
  24. State government officials – I Peter 2:13-14
  25. Church staff- I Thessalonians 5:12
  26. Teachers – Titus 3:14
  27. Marriages – Hebrews 13:4a
  28. Pastors – I Peter 5:2,7
  29. Unborn/Abortion – Psalm 72:12-14
  30. Single adults – I Corinthians 7:32
  31. Federal Government officials – I Peter 2:13-14
  32. Sick – Matthew 14:14
  33. College students – Daniel 9:2a
  34. School administration – Proverbs 4:13
  35. Mothers – Proverbs 31:25-26
  36. Local church unity – John 17:21
  37. Farmers/agriculture – Ezekiel 36:34
  38. Fathers – Psalm 103:13
  39. Economy Psalm 1:3
  40. Elections – I Timothy 2:1-2
  41. Environment – Genesis 1:1-19
  42. Entertainment industry – Proverbs 27:20


Seasons of Prayer
Prayer Prior to Easter


For Christians today, the weeks prior to Easter are such an exhilarating and enjoyable time of the year. But the first time the Easter season approached, the followers of Jesus felt despondent and dejected. Their Savior, their Friend, and their Hope had died.


They laid so many expectations, beliefs, and aspirations on an earthly kingdom. One where wrongs would be made right. A kingdom where rank would be established. A place where rest and peace could be found. And now it all lay in a tomb, covered by an enormous stone, and encased in darkness with only tears and memories left.


What happened? Where had they gone wrong? Why could they not understand? Who was He — really? They thought they knew Him; they thought they understood Him. But now nothing made sense, and they all huddled in cowardice and dread. How could all the suffering He endured during the trial, the grueling oppressiveness of Calvary, the tomb, and the waiting be in the plan?


Finally, grief gave way to gladness, sorrow became solace and death gave way to life .Their departed hope came back to dwell. Jesus was alive and the first Easter was celebrated.


The time prior to Easter, provides us with a perfect season to ponder His love for humanity. The words to a song Andrae Crouch composed summarizes this season. I don’t know why Jesus loved me. I don’t know why He cared. I don’t know why He sacrificed His life, Oh, hut I’m glad, so glad He did!


Spend the four days prior to Easter in contemplation, meditation, and gratitude for such a gift of love. Easter is not about new clothes, baskets, colored eggs, or bunnies—it is about an unfathomable love for mankind.


Easter was a manifestation of love. “We love Him, because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). He loved us and He showed us how much on Calvary.


The following sections will assist you in “praying prior to Easter”.


Thursday — Prior to Easter


Meditate on and be thankful for the Lord’s sufferings: His betrayal, the atrocious treatment He received at the hands of man—hands He fashioned from dust and hands He breathed life into now became hands of abuse and desecration. Beaten until flesh hung in ribbons, so I could receive healing. Spat upon. Slapped. His beard plucked. Crowned with thorns. What love.


Take time on this day to read the following passages. Pray over them and allow them to come alive in your spirit. Then you will realize how much He loves you.


Matthew 26:47-75; 27:1-31    Luke 22:63-71; 23:1-25

Mark 15:16-20                        John 18:1-40; 19:1-16


Friday — Prior to Easter


This is the day of crucifixion—the day Calvary became famous. Until this day, it was just another hill. But after this day, it would never be “just” a hill. After His blood fell on this hill, salvation became possible. After His precious blood poured from His side, our eternity changed. Calvary purchased our passage to an eternal Kingdom. If He had not born the burden of the cross, we would not be bound for a city.


Allow your mind to glimpse Calvary. The God-man nailed to a beam of wood. Suspended by nails in His hands and feet — suspended between a sky and an earth He designed. Gasping for His last breath and forgiving us as He died — this is the image of Calvary. True love.


Contemplate these passages regarding Calvary:

Matthew 27:32-54       Luke 23:26-49

Mark 15:21-39            John 19:17-30


Saturday — Prior to Easter


A day to be thankful for victory over death, hell and the grave! He did not stay in the tomb where He was laid. He took a journey and retrieved the keys to unlock death into victory. Death reigned until Jesus resurrected. Paul said in Ephesians 4:8-10, the same Jesus who ascended up on high is also the same Jesus who descended into the lower parts of the earth. He obtained supremacy over our destiny. This is a day to be conscious of our immortality in Him. Because of Him, I can live eternally!


Read Revelation 1:18.

Easter Sunday


He lives! Neither the grave, nor death could hold Him, so no longer is mankind shackled with the fear of death. His resurrection became my resurrection. The hope of Easter now has residence in humanity. A new order has been established, fear of the grave is shattered. Death was shown defeat!


Celebrate the resurrection!


Celebrate the hope!


Celebrate heaven!


Read of the glorious event in the following passages:

Matthew 28:1-10         Luke 24:1-53

Mark 16:1-20              John 20:1-31


Seasons of Prayer






A small band of “about one hundred and twenty” were privy to one of the most explosive experiences the world has ever encountered. The power of Pentecost! Acts chapters one and two give us a window into this occurrence. It was such exciting time in history.

But the good news is, it still occurs today! We can receive the same power the Book of Acts describes.


In Acts, chapter one, the disciples are commanded by Jesus to wait in Jerusalem for the promise of the “Father”, the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Verse six of this chapter finds the disciples questioning Jesus regarding the restoration of the kingdom to Israel. His response reinforced their need for the power of Pentecost. Jesus clarified, that in place of knowledge regarding the “times,” they would receive the power of the “time!” “But ye shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you…” (Acts 1:8).


The disciples returned to Jerusalem from Mount Olivet and began their upper room prayer and supplication. “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come….” (Acts 2:1). The rest of this chapter opens the door to an exciting Church Age.


Our reason for praying through this Pentecost season is to experience a renewing of the Book of Acts power.


Pentecost is a major commemoration and has a dual implication: historical and agricultural. It is celebrated for only two days. Pentecost marks the end of the barley harvest and the beginning of the wheat harvest. The cutting of the barley denoted the beginning of the counting period; on the fiftieth day, Pentecost is observed. The time frame covers from the Passover to Pentecost. Pentecost is the only feast for which no specific date is given in scripture. The people were instructed to count seven weeks and one day from Easter. It completes the wheat growing season, and the anniversary celebration of the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai. Pentecost is also a Greek word meaning fiftieth.


Spend this fifty-day season seeking God for a renewal of the Book of Acts power, miracles, promises, and revival.


Commit to reading the entire Book of Acts, pausing and praying for this to happen again. Let me remind you, the Book of Acts has no closing salutation. It does not end with an “Amen” like the other New Testament books, because it is still alive and active today. We continue to write the “acts” of God in our Pentecost experience.


  • Pray for the Apostles doctrine to be spread (Acts 2:37- 39)
  • Pray for many personal Pentecosts to occur (Acts 2:41-42).
  • Pray for the same boldness experienced by the disciples (Acts 3, 5:29).
  • Pray for signs and miracles to be renewed in their fullness (Acts 5:12).
  • Pray that ministers will begin or continue to preach with Acts anointing (Acts 10:44).
  • Pray for conversions of entire family groups/households (Acts 10).
  • Pray for the spirit of giving to return to our churches (Acts 4:32-37).
  • Pray for missionary outreach and evangelism (Acts 8, 13, 14, 15, 16).


Believe when you or your prayer group join together for fifty days interceding for this power, that the same God who poured out Pentecost on the early church will duplicate it on your church.


If you are leading a prayer group or a church group, I recommend you meet for the first ten days and read specific chapters in Acts and pray them. Meeting together and praying corporately promotes agreement. Matthew 18:19: “Again I say unto you that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done… ” Add to this what the prophet taught us in Isaiah 55:11, God’s Word would not return void, and we have a winning equation! Agreeing together and praying scriptures equal results. When we pray scripture, we are praying God and His Kingdom’s agenda and not our own.


The grid on the following page can be used to make a fifty day calendar by filling it in with a chapter a day to be read. This will reinforce the plan and help you stay committed.


An excellent book Acts 29 written by Terry Teykl, a man who has personally prayed completely through the Book of Acts for many years, will enhance your “praying the promise for the power of Pentecost.” Whatever plan you choose to follow, I pray the results will be the same as in Acts 2:12: “And they were all amazed and were perplexed, saying one to another, What meaneth this? ” May the same power the simple people from the hill country of Galilee experienced two thousand years ago, spring forth in your life. And may the results of that power cause “devout men out of every nation” and multitudes to begin to ask, “What meaneth this?”


Seasons of Prayer
Prayer Doesn’t Take a Vacation

June – August


June through August are called the lazy days of summer which seems to fit our lifestyle. Kids are out of schools, vacationers abound, theme parks are crowded, and schedules are interrupted. When life’s schedules are disturbed, spiritual schedules seem to follow suit. The urgent crowds out the important. Giving time to pleasure takes precedence over giving time to God.

Vacationing, weekend trips to relatives, picnics and other summer outings are important to our maintaining healthy families; however, I suggest setting aside one night during each of the three summer months to devote extended time to prayer.


God does not take vacation time from loving and protecting us; so we should not let the summer crowd out our time spent with Him.


The following gives examples of times for prayer. You can do these alone, as family prayer time or with your church or prayer group. Remember, we should never take vacation time from prayer.


June Prayer
(4 hours)


20 minutes—Begin with someone leading in worship time. Use praise music during this segment.

20 minutes—Praise reports, testimonies, explain prayer time.

60 minutes—Intercessor Prayer Clock (see following page).

30 minutes—Pray for people of influence (see below).

30 minutes—Pray through the Lord’s Prayer (Luke 11:1-4).

20 minutes—Time for specific requests and specific prayers.

60 minutes—Prayer Journey—an excellent resource for this is The Prayer Journey by Fredi Trammell. Harmony Ministries, P.O. Box 696, Minden, LA 71058.


Praying for People of Influence


This can cover church officials, government officials, educators, etc.


  • For wisdom and knowledge — Exodus 31:3.
  • For respect in their own lives, and for them to practice accountability — Romans 13:1-7.
  • For honesty Luke 8: 1 5.
  • For generosity and compassion — Luke 10:33-37.
  • For conviction of sin and iniquity — Job 34:32.


July Prayer
(2 1/2 hours)


10 minutes — Start with a time discussing agreement in prayer. Use Matthew 18:19-20 in understanding the power of agreement.

20 minutes — Praise time. Use music for this time of praise. Set atmosphere for prayer time.

30 minutes — Bible reading time. Spend time reading the Word and letting God speak to you through His written Word.

40 minutes — Prayers for your church families. (Prior to prayer time, obtain a church phone directory or a list of church members.)

20 minutes — Pray for your pastor and his family. Inquire about specific requests or needs he or his family may have. Cover your pastor from head to toe in prayer. Example: Pray “Anoint his mind as he studies the Scripture; let him see through eyes of compassion; may he speak what the Lord would have him speak, etc.”

30 minutes — Prayer walk around your neighborhood or church praying for various needs.

August Prayer
(3 hours)

15 minutes — Start with a time of repentance. Repent for personal sins and shortcomings and for our nation and its sinful state.

20 minutes — Praise and worship time. Use music during this time of worship.

30 minutes — Pray for your city. For needs that affect your economy, crime rates, education system, etc.

30 minutes — Pray for the world and current needs in the news.

30 minutes — Pray for your family. Prior to prayer time, ask family members to give you requests.

25 minutes — Spend time in thanksgiving. List things for which to be thankful.

30 minutes — Close with praising God for who He is!


Expressing Praise to God for Who He is!


The Almighty God — Psalm 89:8
The God Who Heals — Exodus 15:26
The Lifter of My Head — Psalm 3:3
My Burden Bearer — Psalm 55:22
A Forgiving God — Nehemiah 9:17
The God Who Answers Prayers — Psalm 65:2-4
My Eternal and Saving God — Jude 25
A Refuge and Fortress — Psalm 62:7
The God of Mercy — Nehemiah 9:31
The Peace Speaker Romans 16:20


Seasons of Prayer
“Fall” on Your Knees

September – October


School is commencing. College students have packed and moved away. Labor Day has been celebrated. The first day of autumn will emerge. Summer paraphernalia has been put away. We prepare for Fall.


Fall is a time when schedules return to normal, and we start looking toward winter months. Maybe dreaming of a white


Christmas, a Thanksgiving family reunion, or just delighted to have a break from the summer heat. But we definitely shift gears. It is a new season. High School bands start rehearsing. The atmosphere is cooler. It is Fall. It is time to refocus.


This season is an ideal time to set aside forty days as a gift to God and others. Set aside this season to make some lasting changes. We know God hears us when we pray because I John 5: 1 4- I 5 says: “And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us; And if we know that He hear us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.” Yet, setting aside extended seasons of devotion helps us link our will with God’s will. It will also help us alter neglected habits of care and concern. Many Christians set aside “lent” as their forty-day span to help restore their spiritual life by abstaining from sinful habits.


Forty days has much significance in the scripture:


  • Jesus was tested during a forty-day period. He fasted forty days and returned in power and anointing (Matthew 4:2, Mark 1:13, Luke 4:2).
  • Jesus was seen forty days after His resurrection (Acts 1:3).
  • Moses spent forty days fasting and received direction—The Ten Commandments—for Israel (Exodus 34:27-28).
  • The earth was covered in the flood for forty days (Genesis 7:12).
  • Elijah received strength for forty days (I Kings 19:8).
  • Ezekiel lay in repentance for forty days (Ezekiel 4:6).
  • Goliath tormented Israel forty days (I Samuel 17:16).
  • The spies searched the land for forty days (Numbers 13:25).
  • Nineveh was allowed forty days for repentance (Jonah 3:4).


Take your own forty-day interval to add significance to your life and draw closer to Him and to others. We live in a fast-paced world and neglect the little things that make life meaningful. Spend this forty days building faith, love, and fellowship. Commit to time on your knees and time in fellowship with those precious to you.


Forty Days of Commitment


During the fall of the year, we are once again in awe of a beautiful season of the year the Lord has blessed us with. We should be thankful in all things, especially for our families and our church family. We will voluntarily give of ourselves in compassion and participate in this forty days, helping us to practice the Christian commitment of “love” and affirming and strengthening one another. Following is an activity for each week during the season of Fall. Each week’s activity is outlined to show appreciation and love to your friends and family.


Week One

Week of Correspondence


Write at least one letter or note of appreciation, reconciliation, encouragement, comfort, thanks, or concern each day.


Letters Written:

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________


Week Two

Week of Phone Calls


Make at least one phone call per day just to say, “1 appreciate you” or “You mean a lot to me” or “I’m Sorry” or whatever to make someone know you love and appreciate them.


To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________

To:________________________________   Date:___________________________



Week Three

Week of Remembrance


Take or send a remembrance to someone you are not accustomed to remembering: the old fashioned practice of a pie or cake, a flower, a book, or anything they will enjoy.


Person Remembered:__________________    How:________________

Person Remembered:__________________    How:________________

Person Remembered:__________________    How:________________

Person Remembered:__________________    How:________________

Person Remembered:__________________    How:________________

Person Remembered:__________________    How:________________

Person Remembered:__________________    How:________________


Week Four

Week of Family Appreciation


Set aside this week for every family member to concentrate on acts of appreciation within the family. It is often the small thought put into action which reaps the most benefits.


Who:_____________________________     How:__________________________

Who:_____________________________     How:__________________________

Who:_____________________________     How:__________________________

Who:_____________________________     How:__________________________

Who:_____________________________     How:__________________________

Who:_____________________________     How:__________________________

Who:_____________________________     How:__________________________



Week Five

Week of Prayer


Choose someone to especially remember in your family prayers. Pray for them by name. They need not know you are praying for them, or you can notify them with a card.


Prayed for:_____________________________ Today_____________________

Prayed for:_____________________________ Today_____________________

Prayed for:_____________________________ Today_____________________

Prayed for:_____________________________ Today_____________________

Prayed for:_____________________________ Today_____________________

Prayed for:_____________________________ Today_____________________

Prayed for:_____________________________ Today_____________________


Week Six

Week of Love Conversation


It is likely you will be “full of love” after these weeks of giving of yourself to others. This week share your experiences of your “Forty Days of Commitment” with others through loving conversation. Purpose to spend an entire week free of criticism or complaint.


Seasons of Prayer
Time for Thanksgiving



With the incipience of November our mouths start watering. We begin dreaming of turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pies. We can almost smell caramel apples and leaves burning.


We have retrieved the sweaters from storage, there is a briskness in the air, the leaves are falling, and a new season is beginning. Even though it is a season of dying and dormancy for the earth, it brings with it a certain air of exhilaration.


We locate winter coats; December is approaching. We cover up lawnmowers and water hoses for a season that will return. We start preparations for the winter months.


While we adjust our homes, equip our cars, and outfit our bodies for this season, let us not forget to prepare our hearts. God in His wisdom, provided a season without growth and without hot sunshine—a season to reflect and he thankful.


The first Thanksgiving in December of 1619 was an entirely religious celebration. A small assemblage of thirty-nine English settlers thanked God for their safe arrival in a New

World. It was not a feast time, but a prayer meeting. Thanksgiving began as a Holy Day, not a holiday.


Then in 1623, William Bradford, who was the first Governor of the Colony, penned a proclamation that exhibited the spirit of Thanksgiving. He thanked God for their abundant harvest, for His protection on them, for granting them the freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscious. He proclaimed from that day forward, a day be set aside to render Thanksgiving to ye Almighty God for all His blessings.


For ten months during our “seasons of prayer,” we have petitioned God for a myriad of things. This month we must take time for reflection and thanksgiving. This season seems to blend together all that Americans hold precious without the sham of commercialization. There is not much pilgrim hype or too many Mayflower parades. The extent of festivities are the Elementary School productions of pilgrims with big white paper collars and Indians with construction paper feathers. We notice a settled feeling in the air, and we are thankful we have enjoyed the past seasons.


We must pause for Thanksgiving. Spend time each day reflecting over the past and remembering God’s faithfulness. Just saying the word thanksgiving prompts a feeling of humility and genuine gratitude to God for His bountifulness, His protection, His mercy, His grace, and His favor.

Why not take this month to count your blessings. Name them one by one; count your many blessings, see what God has done. Just count your many blessings!


Below is a cornucopia of thirty things for which to be thankful. This is only a launching board for your personal list of thanksgiving. Some things are spiritual, some are not. Some things are tangible, some are not. On the next page are thirty thanksgiving scriptures for each day of the month.


Thirty Thank You’s for Thanksgiving



  1. Mercy
  2. Calvary
  3. Holy Ghost
  4. Family
  5. Friends
  6. Finances
  7. Healing
  8. Love
  9. Joy
  10. Strength
  11. Rain
  12. Music
  13. Peace
  14. Grace
  15. Guidance
  16. Home
  17. Church
  18. Smiles
  19. Scriptures
  20. Heaven
  21. Prayer
  22. Spring
  23. Mountains
  24. Flowers
  25. Angels
  26. Salvation
  27. Color
  28. Sight
  29. Sound
  30. America



Thirty Thanksgiving Scriptures
One to Read Each Day



  1. 92:1
  2. 1 Cor. 15:57
  3. Luke 2:38
  4. Acts 27:35
  5. 26:7
  6. II Thes. 1:3
  7. Amos 4:5
  8. John 11:41
  9. 95:2
  10. 4:2
  11. II Chron. 5:13
  12. 1 Cor. 1:4
  13. 34:3
  14. 1 Thes. 3:9
  15. 4:6
  16. Acts 28:15
  17. 2:7
  18. 50:14
  19. Romans 14:6
  20. I Chron. 23:30
  21. 11:25
  22. 100:4
  23. Isaiah 51:3
  24. 1 Thes. 2:13
  25. 1 Tim. 1:12-13
  26. 107:22
  27. 7:12
  28. 136:1-3
  29. 4:9
  30. 5:20



Seasons of Prayer

Never Too Busy to Pray


December should be such a sacred month, but instead it becomes such a secular month. Parties, banquets, parades, and shopping devour and engulf our time. We find ourselves caught up in the materialism shrouding Christmas— forgetting the real purpose for Christmas. We may pause to tell the story of baby Jesus on Christmas Eve or attend a Christmas drama to bring solace to our souls, but seldom do we make time to focus on the entire reason for such a season of celebration.


God wrapped Himself in temporal, mortal flesh and entered a world full of everything He had never known, and became a man like me so I could become like Him. What love!


We must not miss this momentous occasion because we are “too busy to pray.” We must not be too busy with our blessings that we forget the blessor.


The month of December, I suggest committing ten minutes of specific prayer a day. Ask others to join you to make this commitment. If 150 people will pray ten minutes a day for each of the thirty-one days of December, it will amount to 46,500 minutes of prayer-775 hours or 32 1/3 complete days of prayer. What a powerful month December will become!


A calendar on the following page gives suggestions for prayer time to make this busy season a blessed season. Ma\ we never find ourselves too busy to pray.





The above article, “Seasons of Prayer” was written by Teri Spears. The article was excerpted from chapter three in Spear’s book, Enlarging Your House of Prayer.


The material is copyrighted and should not be reprinted under any other name or author. However, this material may be freely used for personal study or research purposes.

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