Secrets To A Successful Revival

Secrets To A Successful Revival
By T. W. Massengale

Growing churches will have between 3-6 revivals per year

1. Before the Revival Starts:
a. Solid emphasis in prayer and fasting
b. Well organized new convert care ministry                                                                                                                                                           c. Plenty of trained home Bible study teachers                                                                                                                                                       d. Trained altar workers
e. Good visitor follow-up system
f. Lots of prospects and contracts g. Good visitor reception system
h. Good public relations and advertising mix
i. Ability to contact all backsliders and past visitors (database)

2. During the Revival:
a. Lots of prayer and fasting (teams work well) b. Good evangelist
c. Special service nights (healing, deliverance, Holy Ghost, etc.)
d. Contact ALL past visitors and backsliders
e. Design a good flyer
f. Strong pre-service prayer (call special groups)
g. Use the `Ten Most Wanted’ list. h. Emphasize worship and good special singing

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