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Setting Personal Goals for Yourself As a Women’s Ministry Leader
Julia Bettencourt

While deciding upon some particular goals that you would like to see in the women’s ministry with which you work is great, but as a leader you need to set some specific goals for yourself as well. You have to be the best person you can be yourself before you can be the best leader for others. Your leadership is a combination of all you do in your life, not just when you are residing over meetings and committees.

Take a deep look at your life. What needs improving? What areas do you want to work and concentrate on? Don’t try to over set goals for yourself. Just choose a few things to improve upon or implement at a time. Constantly working on yourself will reflect in the type of leader you are.

Here’s a list to get you thinking but you need to evaluate your life and see what you need to set goals for. There are probably little sub areas in many of the ones listed that could be concentrated on as well.

Specific Personal Goal Suggestions:

* I want to pray daily for our ladies. Be practical. If you have a small group of ladies, you could pray for each lady each day during your personal prayer time. If you have a large group, you may need to rotate their names each day.
* I want to be a friendlier person.
* I want to be more organized.
* I want to become less nervous and anxious when standing and speaking before our ladies.
* I want to be on time to each activity and event for my women’s ministry.
* I want to have and portray confidence.
* I want to spend ______minutes in prayer daily.
* I want to spend ______minutes in Bible study daily.
* I want to set my work with my women’s ministry as a priority in my life.
* I want to become a mentor to other ladies within our church.
* I want to work on the area of procrastination when it comes to my work with women’s ministry.
* I want to plan out the year of activities for my work with women’s ministry.
* I’d like to remember each birthday of the ladies in my group with a card or some acknowledgement.
* I want to work on being better at pre-planning for activities for the ladies in my group.
* I want to be more in tune and communicate better with our pastor and church leadership about what is going on with the women’s ministry program.
* I want to have a genuine love for each lady in our women’s ministry.
* I want to be an encourager to the women I’m working with in my ministry.
* I want to depend on God more and not myself to accomplish my work with women’s ministry.
* I want to have a positive impact on the ladies I touch through my work with women’s ministry.
* I want to work on being a better mother and wife to my children and husband.
* I want to work on eating healthy. Perhaps lose weight if needed, change my diet, etc.
* I want to start an exercise program or increase my exercise.
* I want to work on getting enough sleep. Perhaps go to bed a little earlier. If you are tired all the time you are not 100 percent.
* I want to work on my relationship with my husband.
* I want to work on my relationship with my children.
* I want to work on taming my tongue.

This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”

This article “Setting Personal Goals for Yourself as a Women’s Ministry Leader” by Julia Bettencourt was excerpted from: web site. July 2010. It may be used for study & research purposes only.

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