Seven Things Every Christian Should Know about Islamic Eschatology

Seven Things Every Christian Should
Know about Islamic Eschatology
Michael Wiltcher

Understanding end-time prophecies is key to properly understanding what has happened in our past and what will happen in our future. Understanding how Muslims see the end-times unfolding not only helps us to understand the current events of terrorism, but assists us in correctly understanding the Christian prophecies that we have long debated. Islam has its own version of the end-time events that mirrors our end-time views, but with a completely different outcome. While much of the Islamic symbolism and explanations are quite bizarre, there are seven things that every Christian should know.

First, the Islamic Madhi, or Messiah, possesses a striking similarity to the Christian view of the antichrist. The Madhi, according to Muslims, will be a political and military ruler that will “preside” over the entire earth. (The Muslims see the Mandi fulfilling the role of Revelation 6:2) The Mandi, according to Islamic prophecies, will also attack and conquer Israel that he may rule the world from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Mandi will not end his campaign against Jerusalem in a peaceful way, nor will he rule in benevolence. Additionally, he will seek to put to death every non-Islamic Jew and will force people of the earth to embrace Islam or face a beheading as described in the Quran. And he will change the laws and the times to fit the Islamic calendar of weeks and years.

The second thing you should know is that the Islamic Madhi is accompanied by a Jewish prophet whom they call Isa, or Jesus, the son of Mary. While this Jesus is a perverted version of the Jesus we are familiar with, he is eerily similar to the false prophet of Revelation 13. This Jesus, or Isa, will affirm, according to Islamic traditions, the Mandi as the chosen one, and assist the Mandi in the subjugation and conversion of the world unto Islam. He and the Mandi will also battle and slay the “Jewish Deceiver” and his army in the final battle whereupon peace will reign upon the earth under the rule of Islam.

Third, the Islamic faith, too, has an “antichrist”, whom they call the Dajjal or Deceiver. This Islamic “antichrist” will be a Jew who claims to be the Jesus of the Christian bible and will come with his army to defend Israel. This Jesus, defender of Israel, will meet the Mandi and Isa (Islamic Jesus) in a climactic battle and be defeated.

The fourth thing you should know about Islamic prophecies is that the Mandi will make three treaties with Rome (Christians) before signing the fourth treaty with the sons of Aaron (Israel). This treaty with the Jews is stated by Islamic prophecy to be for seven years, but will be broken, and Jews will be forced to convert to Islam or be put to death by beheading. This is eerily similar to the actions of the antichrist who also makes a seven-year covenant with Israel, only to break it, and change the worship in the Temple to idolatry.

The fifth thing you should know is that Islam teaches that the number 666 is a holy number to be embraced. Keikhosrow Emami, editor of Universal Unity, wrote, “In accordance with God’s
will, the 19-based mathematical miracle of the Quran will prove to the whole world that ‘The book is, without a doubt, a revelation from the Lord of the universe The mathematical signature of our Creator, “19,” was one of the signs, and “666,” the book [Quran] that contains the “Message.” [The number] 666, it is indeed a glorious Quran, in a preserved master tablet.” Emmi also claims that Satan is trying to undermine Allah’s mathematical miracle in Satan’s book, The Revelation by giving it a curse rather than a blessing.

The sixth thing you should know is that many Muslims believe that the official beginning the end times and the coming of the Mandi will have occurred or will occur in 2015 or 2016. In fact, there is a ruler of a Muslim nation that some Muslim voices are already referring qualities of the Mandi. The coming of Isa, or Jesus, the son of Mary, will occur in 2022, according to Islamic prophecies.

Which leads to the seventh thing you should know about Islamic end-time prophecies. Muslims are quite determined to see the fulfillment of what they believe will occur. Even if they have to make it happen. By this I mean that they are convinced from their prophecies that it is during a time of worldwide chaos that their Mandi will arise. Thus we will see an ever increasing rise of Islamic terrorism and aggression.

Whether one agrees or disagrees that Islamic prophecies are critical to our study of biblical end-times events, it matters not. Muslims believe it is their manifest destiny to fulfill their prophecies and are filled with a terrible resolve to make it so.

The above article, “Seven Things Every Christian Should Know about Islamic Eschatology” was written by Michael Wiltcher. The article was excerpted from IBC Perspectives magazine.

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