David Roberts

Dolphins trapped and killed by fishing nets…Rain forests stripped by greedy timbermen…Corporations dominated by straight, white, male executives. There is a plethora of reasons why politically correct liberals boycott corporate America.

But should Christians boycott? We believe there are two very practical and constructive reasons why they should:

1. Companies are in business to make a profit. Most corporate decisions are made in order to enhance the corporate image in the eyes of the consumer, and ultimately enhance profits. If certain
corporate decisions concerning product choice, advertising policy or charitable giving can be shown to degrade corporate image for the majority of consumers, then the company might be persuaded to change those practices to a more family-friendly or neutral course of action.

2. But even if a company is determined not to change, many Christians abhor the thought that a portion of the resources God has given them stewardship over might end up in the coffers of a company promoting an ungodly agenda. They simply choose to not knowingly do business with such companies even if there is no chance of changing the company’s practices.

You likely found this insert in a fact sheet listing corporations hostile to family values. Some companies are funding Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. Others market types of pornography that are socially acceptable, but just as damaging to families as the hardest core movies and magazines. Still others routinely advertise at bargain rates on the offensive TV programs responsible companies won’t touch.

As concerned Christian consumers, you are encouraged to become familiar with the products and services of these companies and use the boycott list as a guide when you make purchases for your family.

If Christians would steadfastly refuse to do business with any company that gave funds to Planned Parenthood, a major source of funding for Planned Parenthood would dry up overnight.

If companies knew that advertising on offensive TV programs would result in fewer customers instead of more customers, all the sex and violence filled programs would get cancelled for lack of sponsors.

And if convenience stores that sold pornographic magazines lost all their gas customers, the magazines would be thrown in the dumpster.

To receive more information about Christian boycotts and get periodic updates of the list, write to:

CAFS, 117 Vinsant, San Antonio TX 78235