So You’re Uptight?


So you’re uptight? Turned off? Got real hang-ups? Well, let me tell you like it is! See, a long time ago God said, “I think I’ll
make me a universe.” So He did just that. Then He really split the scene – He made Man, and in His own image!

Have we ever messed up that deal! Right from the very beginning. And we’ve kept right on messing it up. In fact, it got so bad that
God said, “They’re really copping out down there, but even so I still love them. I figure the time has come to do something about it.”

So what does He do? He sends His only Son to save the world! How does that grab you? Born over 1900 years ago in a barn! How
about that? The Son of God! Talk about identifying!

But did we change? Oh no, we kept right on messing everything up. We didn’t even listen to God’s Son, Jesus Christ. And this next
one is a clincher: Jesus kept right on loving us! In fact He even died on the Cross for us! Now, man, that is really ‘way out’ love,
like you never saw!

He let us nail Him to a tree and when He was hanging there, He even asked His Father to forgive us! He said that we were uptight and
didn’t know what we were doing! Talk about relating! Beautiful, isn’t it?

So He died for us – shed His blood for us – to cover all these dirty sins of ours. And, now sit down for this one, three days later
He rose from the grave! That’s right, right up from the dead! He was alive again! And, how about this: He’s still living!

Later He went to heaven to live with His Father. They’re getting things ready up there for everybody who believes in Jesus. Some day
I’m going to be with them. What a day that will be!

You see, Jesus worked it all out. He sent His Holy Spirit down here to be with us. The Holy Spirit is right here – right in us – all the time. How’s that for contact? That’s what I call communication!

You Say, “Man how can I communicate?” Well, it’s like this. You’ve got to tell Him what a mess you’ve made of your life. Tell Him
you’re really sorry for everything you’ve done and that you want to get on the right beam from here on in. Then ask Him to come in and
really take over. You’ve got to believe in Him and then, brother, move over and let Him work, cause He will!

See, I’ve tried it and I know it works! Jesus Christ can give you real soul peace. He really fills you UP; He gives you a happiness
that is just something else! He is for real! But He’s not pushing Himself in where He’s not wanted – you’ve got to really want Him.
And, I mean – you’ve got to mean business with Him.

You say, “Man, no hurry, no sweat.” I want you to know there’ll be nothing but sweat for you, forever more, if you decide against Him!
Plus, how do you know how long you will be around down here? You might not have another chance. This isn’t a ‘sit on the fence’ game.
No siree, you’re either for Him or against Him, Kinda shakes you up, doesn’t it?

And, no matter what you decide down here, there’s coming a day when you’ve got to answer for it all – and that includes me and
everybody else. And, boy I sure am glad I’m on Christ’s side and He’s on mine, cause I know for sure it’s the winning side!

If you really want to take a trip – one that will really last forever – take Jesus – make Him your own Savior. He’ll never let you down, but never! He’s the Answers any hang-up anyone ever had. He’s what’s happening and I’m telling you that’s like it is!!

– Jane J. Arundale –

Computers for Christ – Chicago