Soul Winners Night Out Report

Soul Winners Night Out Report
By Tim Downs

This past week we were in Washington DC for Soul Winners Boot Camp. Brother Matt Maddix has taken Soul Winners Boot Camp across America to help train churches and Saints how to reach the lost. We are part of each of the Boot Camps helping train personal Evangelism and soul winning.

Bishop Chester M. Wright and Pastor Jerry Staten hosted the Boot Camp in Washington DC. What an incredible vision these men have to win the Nations Capital to Jesus Christ!

Thursday night started out the Boot Camp with Matt Maddix preaching and firing up the crowd to win the lost. Through the next two days we also heard preaching from Greg Godwin, David Smith, Aaron Bounds, Chester Wright, Jerry Staten, Travis Worthington, Jeremy Foster, Tim Sistrunk, and me.

There were over 350 Boot Campers from all over the Country and some from as far away as Canada. It was incredible to see so many Apostolics fired up to personally win souls!

On Friday we broke the Boot Campers up into three teams taking them to different areas of the city. Each group was to get on the metro train which goes into different sections of the city and drop off people to hand out cards to invite people to church.

I was responsible for taking one team of people. Our team made it about 4 blocks from the church and before we ever made it to the metro train we stopped on the sidewalk of a busy street and just began singing praises to the King! We had some incredible singers that were so anointed to sing! As our group sang you could literally hear the praises from many blocks away. We had the people who were not singers in our group take the cards and hand them out to people walking by and compel them to repent and be baptized. As we sang for about 2 hours we ended up sending 6 people back to the church to be baptized in Jesus name!

People were coming out of their homes walking across the street getting prayed for. People began pulling the cars over asking for prayer. It was so Apostolic! Several from our group told me they had never won a soul before after being in church their whole life until this day! It was very powerful!

Our churches have some of the most incredible talent to sing than any other organization or religion. If we could get this talent into the streets of our cities and began using it to reach the lost instead of using it for Sunday Service in the building! Why not take our choirs and praise singers into the streets, there are no laws against singing in the streets! If people can be changed and delivered and set free from having singing in the streets what are we waiting for!

One of our greatest challenges is getting Pentecostals to sing songs that will relate to the world. The devil has convinced the church that the world relates more to the Charismatic Style of music that we are getting from the Assemblies and other Charismatic Authors. Over and over we have tested singing songs like “I am a friend of God” while ministering in the streets and to lost people. The people just sit like bumps on a log while the Pentecostals jump around. Then we play an old one like “Jesus on the Main Line” or “I’ll Fly Away” or “Jesus I’ll Never Forget” and the sinners start clapping and praising! We must understand, reaching the lost is for them not us, we can’t continue doing what makes us feel good while letting the sinners sit being bored. I know, I know the sinners in your church love it the music you play, I have heard it before; but how many times have you seen 100+ guest rejoicing in your service? I believe we must use a balance, let’s play both styles so we can reach them all!

On Friday night all of the Boot Campers marched down the street to the club area known as Adams Morgan where thousands of people lined the streets and partied through out the night in clubs that lined both sides of the street. As the 300 or so Apostolics marched through the area one lady who was awakened from her sleep called the news paper to report hearing a large crowd of people marching down the street chanting “Ain’t No Party Like The Holy Ghost Party”.

Apparently the news found this interesting; today I found an article from the Washington City Newspaper about our march to the streets! You can read all about it by clicking the picture to the right or by copying and pasting this link into your browser:

One of the cool things that happened as we all marched through the streets singing and yelling Jesus, Jesus, Jesus was the awesome response from the DC police. Several of them took pictures and encouraged us. One of the men who is the Sergeant on the department took a “In your face Devil Towel” and twirled it in the air and said Hallelujah! I talked to him for a few minutes and he said he was so excited that a church would come down there and try and reach people. He said in his 20 years on the police department he has never seen anything like it and said he wishes all churches would get that bold because people need to know about Jesus!

On Saturday two teams of Boot Campers went into the high crime area of Trinidad. This is a section in the 5th ward of DC where the police officers are now checking identification to anyone entering into the area due to the high crime and murder rate that has been going on lately. Over 8 murders have happened in the last week there. As the Jesus Name Aposotolic church began marching through the neighbor hoods handing out church invitations they found so many hungry people! One elderly man said he has lived there over 60 years and had never been invited to church by any organization since he had been there. Others wept and were prayed for in the streets, 10-15 people were baptized in Jesus name!

The enemy wants us to fear, he wants us to be afraid to talk to people and to stay away from the rough places. He has a strong hold on these areas that can be broken by the boldness of Apostolics taking this Gospel to the streets! When we began going into these neighborhoods with the Gospel the enemy has to release his hold on their lives! Come on church, I believe every neighborhood in America needs to hear the foot steps of the Apostolics marching in their streets bringing the good news of Jesus Christ!

An approximate on the number of baptisms would be 54 baptized in Jesus name and 49 filled with the Holy Ghost at last count. Several of the Boot Campers were going back out to the streets on Saturday night after Boot Camp ended to reach more people! Reports are already coming in of many first time guests attending the churches in the area that we handed out cards for! To God be the Glory! I believe Boot Camp America is going to be a key in the end time efforts of reaching our world!

The next Boot Camp will be held in New Albany Indiana – Louisville KY area. Pastor Todd Nichols. This is going to be an awesome Boot Camp, Brother Nichols is a Soul Winning Maniac and has invested a great amount of money and effort to reach the lost. We encourage you to come to Boot Camp at least one time; you will never be the same again! The cost is $50.00 per person and you can come with several people to save on the cost of your hotel. For instance, if you have 4 people who room together for 3 nights it won’t cost you much at all for the room. Food is served during a couple of the sessions so your food cost will be very low as well.

For information on the Boot Camps please visit the Soul Winners Boot Camp web site at

they have just put up a brand new web site today that is incredible!

We have also added new messages to from Houston TX Boot Camp, you can listen to 3 new life changing messages preached by Bro Matt Maddix and one by Brother Aaron Bounds that will stir your heart like never before. You can find them on our site by clicking the Listen to Message and then Boot Camp. We also have one by Brother Brandon Houseworth that is under Listen to Messages and then Soul Winning, you won’t want to wait to hear them!

For several weeks we have been telling you about our awesome new video with live action and powerful video of people being compelled into the kingdom. We are excited to announce the video is finished and we have a portion of it on our web site and also In this video you will see exactly how easy it is to find someone and ask them the question about going to heaven or hell. I strongly encourage you to share this with as many people as possible. Please forward it to all of your contacts. I believe we can reach millions of souls by using this method of soul winning. We want to thank our friend Javier Loera from Odessa Texas for creating such a powerful video that we can use as a training tool to train other Apostolics how easy it is to win a soul! To view this powerful video you can visit and search gowinsouls and you will find it or you can go to our web site and click on WATCH A VIDEO and then Live Footage – Heaven or Hell. Or you can click the picture to the right of the Heaven or Hell picture and it will open the video.

God Bless

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