Soul Winning

Soul Winning
By: Mike Powers Jr.

I. Soulwinning Obligation

A. Ask for knowledge (Jm. 1:5; Hosea 4:6)

B. Study (II Tim. 2:15)

C. Fight the devil
1. Fear
2. Unbelief
3. Ignorance
II. Areas of Fear, Unbelief, Ignorance

A. Worship
1. Worshipping mishaps
2. Running (eyes open)

B. Altar praying
1. Altar concept
2. Praying for results
a. direct prayers
b. eyes and ears open

C. don’t jump the gun
d. watch for negative response
e. know when to stop
3. Pray inoffensively

III. Patience

A. Time in growth
1. plant
2. water
3. increase
B. Work for position


I. Types of People

A. Four types of soil-Matthew 13
1. wayside evil friends
2. stony ground no root
3. thorny ground cares of this world
4. good ground armor of god

B. Social class status

1. Middle to upper The Boss
a. His way
b. He controls destiny

2. Middle to lower The Worker
a. Under authority
b. Others control destiny

C. Gospel to the poor syndrome (Luke 4:18

1. Poor, maimed, halt, blind (Lk. 14:21)

2. Universal call (I. Tim 2:4)

II. Starting Place

A. Not a novice (I. Tim 3:6)

B. Fisherman of men
1. little fish
2. big fish

C. Anyone – selective

D. Time of preparation
1. wilderness

III. Knowledge (Hosea 4:6)

A. Study (Tim. 2:15)

1. Doctrine

a. Repentance Salvation
b. Baptized Old and New Testaments*

c. Holy Ghost

2. Other doctrine
a.. points of salvation (only)

3. Prophecy

a. attention getter
b. current events
c. be controlled
d. scare them
IV. Personality

A. Pride

1. Controlled arrogance

2. Have something to give something

3. Boldness (Acts 4:13; James 5:20; Matt. 11:12)
B. Desire


I. God Given Increase

A. Strangers vs. Friends & Families
1. Door to door

2. Open doors a. Life insurance salesman

B. Work The Ripe Field

1. Find the field

a. minorities

2. Develop personal relationships

a. work new converts

C. Close Back Door

II. Types of Outreach

A. Bus Ministry

1. High cost — High yield

a. open door

B. Jail, Nursing Home
1. Low cost Low yield
C. Front Door (the greatest opportunity)

1. Low cost — High yield

2. Promotions (musicals, banquets, etc.)

3. Revivals (massive mobilization)

III. Working People

A. Bible studies

1. Ultimate goal
B. Front man

1. first contact

2. Bird dog
C. Coordinator

1. Follow-up
a. return visits

b. bible study

c. file 13
D. Be a friend

1. Stabilizing

2. Incorporating



A. The Bible Is A Book of Themes

1. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus the same Yesterday Today and Forever
2. Hebrews 10:7 Volume of the book

B. The Bible vs. One Scripture

1. II Pet.1:20-21 No private interpretation
2. II Tim.3:16 All scripture by God
3. II Cor.13:1 Two-three times
4. Matthew 5:17 Jesus came to fulfill


A. Creation vs. One God
1. 32 writers 1 author

2, St. John 1:1 Power in word (�God said�)
*How did God make light? (He spoke it)


I. Church vs. World

A. World Star Wars

B. Church Salvation

1. Salvation Hosea 4:6 (Knowledge)

2. Knowledge II Tim. 2:15 (Bible Study)

II. Heaven or Hell vs. Wisdom

A.Wisdom Pr. 11:30 (subtle)
Pr. 15:7 (Lips of wise)

B.Relationship I.Cor 9:19-22

1. John’s Disciples Acts.19 (Holy Ghost)

2 .Festus vs. Agrippa Acts 26:24-28 (Almost)

Skin The Cat

A. Milk vs. Meat I. Pet. 2:2

B. Types of soil Matt. 13

C. Bible vs. Logic

D.??Salvation?? Acts 2:38

This outline �Soul Winning� written by Mike Powers Jr. is excerpted from the Apostolic Bible Lesson #3.