South Bay Pentecostal Ladies Auxiliary

South Bay Pentecostal Ladies Auxiliary

Department Talent Search Questionnaire

Name:__________________________________ Phone Number:_________________



Holy Ghost Birth:_____________________________________________

Married:___________ Single:______________ Number of Children________


Hobbies/Special Interests:


General Talents & Skills:
Mark the special talents you have with an “X” and list additional skills below. Please add any information you think may be useful.

____ Cake decoration

____ Cooking

____ Accounting

____ Painting

____ Floral Arranging

____ Sewing

____ Photography

____ Drama

____ Decorator

____ Medical

____ Willing to baby-sit ladies working on church projects

____ Word Processing

____ Typing (wpm________)

____ Computer Experience (type of system____________)

Instruction: Fill out the following questionnaire, circling either or both of the following:

W – Willing and interested in serving
H – Have served in this capacity in past


Would like to work with decorations for:

Get togethers ____

Banquets ____

Parties ____

Fixing Flower Arrangements to sell ____

Sell Flowers ____

Will to use your car ____

Are you willing to work on News Letter for Lady’s with monthly reports on it ____

Would you like to have Secret Pals ____
Which will also be the one you pray for

Would you like to work
In Kitchen ____
Morning ____
Evening ____
Willing to donate for team ____

Would you like to work with take out dinners the first Friday of each month? Time 8:00 – 2:00. ____

Would be willing to use your car for delivery ____
Cook ____
Pack Dinners ____

Peanut Brittle

Selling Peanut Brittle once every 3 months: ____

Cooks ____

Seller ____

Package it ____

Measurer ____

Ladies Ministries

Ladies Division Leader ____
Ladies Auxiliary ____
Ass’t Auxiliary Leader ____
Auxiliary Secretary ____
Circle Leader ____
Ass’t Circle Leader ____
Benevolence Leader ____
Visitation Leader ____
Visitation Secretary ____
Nursery Coordinator ____
Ass’t Nursery Coord. ____
Prayer Meeting Coord. ____
Kitchen Manager ____