Student Handbook – New Life Academy

By New Life Academy



New Life Academy is an integral, indivisible part of New Life Tabernacle and seeks to provide a Christian Education that is based solely on Biblical principles. Our objectives are as follows:


1. To teach that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to earth to die for our sins.
2. To teach the necessity of being born again by water and spirit and living a life in Jesus Christ.
3. To teach that growth in Christ depends upon reading the Bible, praying, worshiping and serving God in stewardship of life.


1. To teach the application of Biblical principles to every part of daily life.


1. To teach proper study habits and the completion of personal goals.
2. To teach the student to work independently and cooperatively.
3. To teach the student that his time, talents and possessions belong to God and must be used to fulfill God’s will.


1. To teach the Biblical perspective of all subjects.
2. To teach that God is creator of man and sustainer of the universe.
3. To develop an appreciation for the fine arts.
4. To develop the creative skills of each student.
5. To teach the knowledge and skills required for future study or for occupational competence.
6. To teach the American heritage and an awareness of the current problems facing our nation.
7. To show the student his present civic duties, and to prepare him for adult responsibilities.
8. To show the student the special obligation that every Christian has toward his nation.


1. Visit the school.
2. Submit completed application.
3. Read handbook carefully, and accept it as the guideline.
4. The office will arrange for testing.
5. After testing has been completed, all applicants and their parents must be personally interviewed by the Administrator, or his designated representative. An appointment will be arranged by the office. Financial arrangements will be agreed upon and signed by the parents.

6. Parents and students must agree to abide by the policies of New Life Academy.
7. Parents must give written permission for corrective discipline.

The student previous records will be reviewed. Students with a history of severe disciplinary problems may be refused admission. Previous academic achievement will not be a prime consideration for admission. Parents will be notified of acceptance.


1. Regular attendance is required. An absentee, upon return to school, must present a note of explanation from the parents with the dates of absence. Absence from school is excusable only in cases of student illness; medical appointment; death in the immediate family; or a serious family emergency. Students released from school for medical appointments must have a note from parents stating the date and time of appointment.

2. Absences totaling more than 10 days for the school year will result in the final grades being lowered by one full letter grade. The only exceptions will be: absences involving contagious diseases; serious illness requiring prolonged hospitalization or family vacations if the student has all the required work made up before leaving on vacation.

3. Tardiness can become a habit which is unacceptable at New Life Academy. Two tardies will be counted as one absence and will be deducted from allowable absences for the year.


1. Our tuition charge is an annual amount but is divided for convenience into monthly payments. For prices, please see financial agreement.
2. Curriculum cost is not included in tuition payments and will be billed to the parents the first of each month.
3. Damaged or lost property will be charged to the student.
4. All accounts must be settled with the bookkeeper before records can be transferred.


1. Fire drills are scheduled at frequent intervals throughout the year.
2. School insurance covers students on the premises. This includes field trips and other school sponsored activities. There will be a $25 deductible on each accident filed for claim.
3. Lunches are to be brought from home. Milk will be available.
4. Educational field trips are planned during the year. Permission slips must be signed by parents for child participation. Some trips may require a minimal fee to help cover transportation, etc.
5. Bibles for students can be purchased from the office.


New Life Academy derives its principles of discipline directly from the Bible. Basically, the word “discipline” is defined as chastening, correction, or instruction. Webster’s Seventh Collegiate Dictionary defines discipline as “training character.” This training or discipline may be administered in various forms. It may be accomplished through a milder means such as speaking or oral instruction. It may also be accomplished more strictly by calling the father (or parent) and child in for conference, and the administration of corporal punishment by that parent at home. A written statement of compliance by the parent must accompany the student before returning to school. According to the Bible, God has given parents the direct authority for the discipline of their children. The school does not replace the home. Therefore, a proper relationship between the school and the home is essential for adequate discipline.

God’s Word defines what is right and what is wrong in behavior as well as attitude. Our objective in Christian Education is for spiritual maturity as well as mental development. Consequently, students with behavioral patterns or attitudes contrary to God’s Word will be dealt with as follows until proper repentance is evident:

1. Counseling from the scriptures, coupled with prayer.
2. Recess and lunch time detention
3. Parent and child conference with the Academy principal and/or Administrator.
4. Final corrective measure by Parent.
NOTE: Corporal punishment may be prescribed for upper grade students.


1. Disobedience to teachers
2. Fighting on campus (may be sent to office for further administrative discipline, if necessary)
3. General classroom misbehavior (talking, throwing paper, chewing gum, eating candy, etc.)
4. Possession of radios or tape players, knives, toy guns, unapproved books, etc.
5. Infractions of the grooming code.
6. Minor destruction of school property (ie., scratching desks, etc.)
7. Improper boy/girl relations and/or immoral conduct (including holding hands in grades 4-12)
8. Improper language.

NOTE: The teacher will counsel the offender from the scripture, but also has the authority to administer different types of discipline (such as separation from class, recess detention, or assignment of extra work). Second and/or continuous classroom discipline problems may be brought to the office for administrative counseling and disciplinary action when deemed necessary.


1. Stealing
2. Untruthfulness
3. Cheating
4. Repeated misconduct
5. Continued profanity
6. Destruction of property


1. Third trip to office during a semester for the same infraction will warrant a three day suspension.
2. Five trips to the office for various infractions will warrant a three day suspension.
3. Major destruction of school property
4. Possession of any obscene literature
5. Profanity directed toward any staff member
6. Immoral conduct of any nature
7. Fights resulting in bodily harm
8. Two incidents of skipping classes without permission in any given semester


1. Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, any narcotic or firearms
2. Striking a staff member
3. Illicit sexual relations at any time
4. Third offense after two suspensions
5. Parents lack of cooperation with the Academy


1. Animals (unless special permission is granted)
2. Chewing gum on campus
3. Being out of Academy during class time
4. Couples alone in any room or isolated area
5. Unauthorized use of telephone by any student


1. Students driving to school must have a permit from the Academy Office to bring cars on campus.
2. Cars and bicycles used as transportation to school must be locked and not touched during school hours. Cars are permitted on blacktop between white parking lines only.
3. A 5 mile an hour speed limit will be strictly enforced. Infractions of speed limit regulation or reckless driving will result in the immediate loss of driving privileges
4. No student driver shall transport another student off campus without prior written permission on file in our office from the parents of passenger and driver.


Inside: Students will be allowed only in the classrooms, the fireside room, and the school office. The kitchen, the back hallway, the front hallway beyond the school office, all of the rooms behind the platform and the sanctuary (except for chapel) will be off limits.

Outside: Students will be allowed only in the large area of the parking lot and the lower grassy field. The storage buildings and their surrounding area, the driveway parking area, the lower exit from the grassy field and the adjoining house and its property will be off limits. New Life Academy maintains a “closed campus”. As such, no student is to leave the campus before dismissal time unless a written parental note specifying date, time and reason for departure is submitted prior to departure. A “closed campus” also means no person of school age (3-18 years) is to visit during the school day unless interested in enrolling and accompanied by a parent, the only exception being approved temporary students (such as evangelist’s or missionary’s children) who are using the A.C.E. or similar curriculum.


New Life Academy has adopted a school uniform. A special sheet of details is enclosed with the handbook. The pre-school children,(ages 3-4 yrs.) are not required to wear uniforms. Children enrolled in kindergarten through high school must wear uniforms.

GIRLS: Skirt length must come to the bend at the back of the knee. A one inch growth allowance will be made for girls in kindergarten through the fourth grade. While enrolled in New Life Academy, girls are not to cut their hair nor use any other means to shorten it. The hair must be worn in such a style that it does not cover the sides of the face. No make-up shall be worn.

BOYS: Shirts are to be “tucked in” and a belt is to be worn at all times. Shirts must be buttoned to within one button from the top. Boys are to keep their hair cut so that it is off the ears, off the collar, and out of the eyes at all times. Hairstyles not meeting this standard must be cut to compliance before student is allowed to return to the classroom.

GIRLS AND BOYS: No jewelry is to be worn to school. Snug fitting uniforms are to be replaced by a larger size. Outgrown uniforms can be sent to school for re-sale and upon sale, the money will he returned to the parents.


Educational progress toward high school graduation as a student’s preparation for college is the prime goal of most parents. This progress is most rapid in Christian schools.

Students who have had several years of Christian school have no difficulty in being accepted by colleges. College registrars are interested in the academic merits and personal qualities of individual students, and not in the name of their high school. Students in grades 11 and 12 will be notified when and where to register for the S.A.T. for college enrollment.

The instructional program of N.L.A. is designed and implemented to properly train students who wish to continue their education beyond high school. The program also prepares students to enter the work force upon graduating from high school.


Progress reports are issued at the end of each nine-week quarter. Parent conferences are prescheduled for the end of the first nine-week period, but will be arranged as necessary before and after that time. Parents should make an appointment for a conference anytime they feel the need to discuss their child’s academic, social or spiritual progress.


Diagnostic tests are administered to all new students entering grades one through twelve. This determines their academic placement in the individualized curriculum.

The California Achievement Test is administered in the spring to all students in grades one through twelve. The results of these tests can be discussed with parents. They then become a part of the student’s permanent file.


A minimum of 240 course credits are required for high school graduation.


At the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten levels, we use the A Beka curriculum. The Accelerated Christian Education curriculum is used in first grade through high school.


Participation is a state requirement unless a doctor’s permit or parent’s note is sent stating an adequate reason for release from this responsibility.


Pre-Kindergarten – Kindergarten

1 box 8 crayons 3 pencils/erasers
scissors (blunt) School box
paste tri-fold plastic
small blanket covered resting mat

Grades 1-3

1 box 16 crayons 3 pencils/erasers
scissors glue
ruler- 1/4 inch markings School box
1 soft-cover folder with paper
Bible KJV

Grades 4-6

1 box 16 or 32 crayons ruler-English & metric
scissors 1 soft-cover folder with paper
3 pencils/erasers school box
glue Bible KJV

Grades 7-12

set of map pencils protractor
ball point pen compass
3 pencils ruler-English & metric
1 soft-cover folder with paper
Bible KJV


PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING THAT IS BROUGHT TO SCHOOL BY YOUR CHILD. Mark items such as coats, scarves, gloves, tennis shoes, etc. with an indelible felt tip pen so the markings will be-permanent. Lost items will be held and then disposed of if not claimed within a reasonable time.


Monthly, quarterly, and annual awards will be presented to students excelling in academic and citizenship areas. An end of the year banquet will be held which will include the presentation of annual awards achieved.


A yearly calendar is enclosed, but is subject to change.


New Life Academy is an integral and indivisible part of New Life Tabernacle. Students are admitted upon approval of the Administration and the Advisory Council of New Life Academy. The Advisory Council may be asked to exercise final authority in any matter relating to the Academy. A child will not be refused admission because of racial background.

(The above material handbook was published by the New Life Academy.)

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