Student Involvement In Lessons


By: Sis. Regnart


How to Involve Students

1. Use students as characters in lessons as you tell the story. Students acting out parts.

2. Repeat story, letting students act out and say the part in their own words. Keep it simple.

3. Keep everything simple.

4. Have old clothes-pieces of materials, old hats, scarfs, robes, baskets, pictures, objects, and any items that can be used for different lessons in a special place.

5. Ask students to bring things to be used. (Remember to send them home each Sunday).

6. Some lessons will take several weeks to complete. This is a good time to plan ahead to have class participation.

7. Teachers learn to be dramatic, exciting, and change your voice for different characters. Students love it, and they never forget.

8. Pray in class, have prayer requests and have children pray with you. Build their faith in God.

9. Recite memory verses together, and some alone, or in groups.

10. Let children sing alone, or in a small group as well as the class together.

11. Decorate room as though it were part of the lesson. Cardboard trees, rocks, animals, etc.

12. Prepare a play and put on for other classes. It doesn’t have to be long – but get the message across-it will.

13. Many props can be kept and used over again many times for different stories.

14. Some props and drawings can be made in class as an art activity or by early arrivals to class.

15. An over-active child could be called to sit by teacher and help her tell story – especially smaller children. They could hold something or be part of the story.

16. Flannel board stories are great also. Retell the story letting some children put the items on the flannel board as you tell the story or they could tell it.

17. Teenagers could be given a subject or parts of a story and they could tell their part as it happens. Or they could be used to act out a simple story for other grades. Keep it simple.

18. Be creative by the Lord’s help. Students help here also but you must be the key.



1. Jonah and the Whale.
2. David & Goliath.
3. Noah and the Ark.
4. Esau and Jacob – Sold birthright.
5. Jacob wrestles with the angel.
6. Joseph sold and thrown in pit.
7. Moses as a baby.
8. Moses – Ten Commandments.
9. Balam and the donkey and angel.
10. Creation story.
11. Christmas story.
12. Walls falling at Jericho.
13. Ruth and Naomi.
14. Elijah and his mantel.
16. Queen of Sheba visits Solomon.
17. David as a shepherd boy.


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