Sunday School Outreach – Teacher Appreciation

Sunday School Outreach – Teacher Appreciation
Jake Senft


Create and host a day to honor your school teachers…

At our church we recognized that there was a group of people who were making a big impact on our children; the children’s hard-working school teachers. So we created a day in honor of school teachers. We had our kids invite their teachers from private, public, and home school settings to a Sunday service where we recognized them for their unique roles in our children’s lives.

We allowed each child to introduce his or her teacher to the congregation. We publicly expressed our appreciation for their influence and the love they pour into our children’s lives. Then we had a time of prayer for them as their students gathered around them. At the end of the service, we gave each teacher a colorful flowering plant and a thank you card for helping our children blossom.

Next year we may move the celebration to an evening service with a dessert fellowship. Your church can also lead the way in recognizing the significant contribution school teachers make to the lives of children.

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