Sunday School Superintendent: A Ministry


By: Bro. Ray Woodson


I. A Ministry involves using someone to Minister:

A. To Minister– “To give attendance or aid; to provide for the wants or needs of someone.”

B. In this capacity you are providing for the wants of your Pastor, and meeting the needs of your Departmental Superintendents and Teachers.


II. A Sunday School Superintendents ministry is broad based, and to be consistent and successful, these things must be within its scope:

A. Extension of Pastor’s Burden (John 4:38)

1. First of all, your ministry is an extension of your Pastor’s ministry.

a. Therefore, you must know his convictions and work within them.

b. You are not a separate entity from the church, but one of the integral parts of the One Body!


B. Outreach (John 4:35-36)

1. The definition of a church, in a very general sense, is “A Soul-Saving station”

a. Any area, that has ministerial capabilities, that is not centered in reaching the lost is missing its greatest potential:

b. Sunday School has lost its image in some churches because sunday schools original purpose for being has been forgotten… teaching and winning the lost to Jesus!!!


2. The Outreach burden in the teachers heart can only promise salvation to the students being reached.

a. This burden is demonstrated by prayer-filled lessons, compassionate visitation, sacrificial involvement,….

b. Making the student the door to the entire family:


C. Studying (II Timothy 2:15)

1. “They that halfway read can only halfway meet the need”!

a. A mind full of ideas can very easily be quickly drained.

b. It needs to be filled with more ideas constantly.


2. “Studying to show yourself approved unto God” means:

a. Meeting Gods requirement as a “Workman” in His Kingdom:

b. Using these guidelines learned to screen out any ideas not glorifying God!


D. Teaching (Matthew 28:18-20)

1. Teaching our subordinates does not endanger a position, but enhances the probability of success!

2. Isaiah 55:8-11. Teaching with God’s Word, and not necessarily  situations or opinions, as the only foundation, insures the proper perspective in the teacher eyes!

a. Your example will cause them to use the Word of God as their lesson foundation.

b. Gods Word brings results, which will encourage altar calls in the classroom.


3. It is up to you to let your people known we are not a babysitting service, but instructors of righteousness!


E. Unity (Psalm 133)

1. Means taking these brain storms we have and building a plan to make it work on all levels.

2. Means making certain concessions to meet the need without averting the purpose in mind.

a. It may at times need to be averted or even dropped.

b. We must realize that NO’s given by the Pastor are not because of lack of confidence, but for the betterment of the entire body.


F. Submission (Ephesians 5:21/Hebrews 13:17)

1. Herein lies the key to classifying you as a minister.

2. Submission is the key word in Christianity. Submission to:

a. God (I Peter 5:6-7)
b. Superiors (I Peter 5:5)
c. To one another (Philippians 2:3-4)


G. Time For Personal Development (II Peter 3:18)

1. Through you ministering to those under your authority, you have not only met their needs, but have developed compassion, benevolence, wisdom, and understanding in your own spirit!

2. God is only able to use those whose spirit is pliable in His Hands!
(Isaiah 66:1-2/Jer. 18:3-6)


III. Sunday School Superintendent/A Ministry!

A. Summary

1. We have investigated just a few aspects of really any area of Gods Work.

2. Performed according to Gods Plan, this ministry will cause a new fire to blaze, within our souls!

3. Why not make your Sunday School the Key to winning your city for Jesus, by making your position as Superintendent, not a job but a ministry!!


(The original source of the above material is unknown.)

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