Taking Your Music Program To The Next Level!

Taking Your Music Program To The Next Level!
By Mark Condon

1. As a leader take personal responsibility for where your program is. Everything must start with you. If you blame anything or anyone then you are not taking personal responsibility! I know it is easy to say if I had a better sound system, if my drummer only had two legs, if my pastor believed in this program, if my piano player would show up on time or any other issues that we all have used as excuses. Realize that this is normal in almost all churches. It’s easy to find reasons why it won’t work! Start finding the reasons why it will work and run with them!

2. Choose a dynamic team. Start thinking about it today as to who can be on this team. I recommend approximately five members. These people can help you choose songs, plan service ideas, make schedules, mentor upcoming voices and new band members, schedule exciting events and execute vision! I suggest that you choose people who are very loyal and excited about your program already. I cannot over emphasize how this will take your program to the next level.

3. Be punctual. Everywhere I go people ask me how do you get your people on time? I DON’T! This is almost impossible. Sr. Pastors have wondered this for years so don’t place unreasonable expectations on yourself. With that being said, I do think that just because we are volunteers does not mean that we can be slack concerning God’s business. This is a character issue if you are always late. Basically, you are saying that my time is more valuable than others.

I do not know how you can expect things from those you serve if you do not practice it yourself. You create a culture that will wear you slap out if you do not set a good example. Oh, let me say, do not go over the schedule rehearsal time!!! Respect their time.

Choir Members: There are two sets of you who come late.

A. Those who think that they are insignificant and people will not miss you if you are not there. After all, you say that you are not the strongest voice and they probably don’t even hear you anyway. Let me say that you are far more significant than you think. Not only to the choir and the leader but more to the One you are singing for! PLEASE realize why you are doing what you are doing and who it is for!

B. Then, there are those who think that you are quick and you learn your part easy and so you can catch up after they have been working on it for awhile! PLEASE, we need your help in teaching parts and being a mentor to the others. Besides, when you come in late you often learn it a bit different because you were not there when the leader was teaching it and you take everyone with you in the wrong direction. ugh!

4. Everyone come and sing with energy! Energy is contagious. You are contagious whether you like it or not. We often wonder why the congregation does not get into what we are doing! They are only doing what they are seeing most often. If you sing and worship with passion and energy you will find that eventually you will create a culture in your church that will follow your lead! Look like you love what you are doing!!! Energy produces energy!

Smile, use your hands, use your eyes and let your body language say that you love being a worshiper! I never ask anyone to become something they are not but to become everything that you already are! If you talk with you hands in the hallway of the church then you should be that same person and sing with your hands on the platform! Do I have an amen from someone reading this article! I am about to have myself a shout just thinking about this! Seriously, sing with energy!!!

We will cover more in future e-mails! Get ready for a boat load of help and get your choir, band and praise team members reading these articles! It just may change your church!

From: www.markcondon.com newsletter. August 2009